Another Major Quality Score Bug Impacted Google AdWords Advertisers

Nov 22, 2010 • 7:40 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

Less than a month ago, there was a major AdWords Quality Score reporting bug which made many advertisers get extremely nervous. The reports showing ones quality score was showing it to be much lower than the true score. This may have caused some to change their ads or boost their cost per click prices, to counter the report.

The thing was, it was just a reporting glitch and most of those impacted by this were in fact doing just fine.

Google told us in an Google AdWords Help thread that the issue was resolved. But today, I spotted a thread at another Google AdWords Help thread with a sharp increase in complaints from advertisers about a sudden drop in the quality score.

What is weird is that Google AdWords representative, Bindu, said "Thank you all for bringing this up, what you are describing is a known technical issue referenced by my colleague, AdWordsPro in the forum link below." What she linked to what the thread where Google said the issue was resolved.

I guess the issue was not resolved? I am not sure.

But if you noticed a recent and major drop in your Quality Score - I'd complain in that thread.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

Update: Okay, Google confirmed this is a different bug and they are fixing it. Google said in the thread:

Please disregard my colleague Bindu's post earlier in this thread, in which she mistakenly referred to the issue that occurred in October.

It is understood that what is being described here is what appears to be a similar but separate issue that folks started seeing on Friday evening, November 19th.

Engineering is taking a look into this, as a priority - and I will report back in this thread when I know more.

In the meantime, my apology for the inconvenience and upset this issue has caused you.

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Ann Stanley

11/22/2010 05:26 pm

We have been noticing this problem for a few weeks, however in the last couple of days a new problem has surfaced in that the quality score has dropped so much that ads are no longer showing on at least one of our accounts. This means that the client is not getting any clicks and Google is now loosing revenue! Ann Stanley - Anicca Digital Solutions


12/15/2010 08:09 pm

This bug has not been fixed, this is ridiculous. We just received a notice from Adwords and no one at their customer service is able to tell us what is wrong with our campaign. We are advertising on Adwords since 2003 but we are now thinking about stopping working with Google because they are not trustworthy and do not treat their customers properly.

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