Link Building Tip: Discover Broken Links & Request Those Links

Nov 4, 2010 • 8:07 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

A WebmasterWorld thread has a short discussion around a basic but solid link building tip. Basically the strategy is to find third-party web sites that link out to sites, but those links are simply linking to pages that no longer exist. Then politely email the site owner informing them of the broken link and suggest that you know of a resource that can replace the broken link.

The tip here is credited to Martinibuster, posted by wheel. I should note, Martinibuster has given this tip for almost as long as I have known him. But let me quote Wheel's interpretation of it:

Here's what I'm doing over the next month.

1) I'm going looking in the really old 2000 era directories specific to my niche. 2) I'm going to run Xenu link sleuth on the directories to find broken links (again, these will be links to sites in my niche). i.e. I'll build a list of defunct sites in my niche. 3) I'm going to find sites that link TOO those defunct sites, i.e. busted links on other sites. 4) I'm going link begging. Basically saying "hey, you got a busted link. And while you're fixing your web page, howzabout hookin' me up?'.

Worth a shot and you are doing the web a favor. :)

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Amy Greenacre

11/04/2010 12:26 pm

A tip also mentioned at ProSEO if i'm not mistaken :-)

No Name

11/04/2010 01:21 pm

That's not a scurrilous strategy and at least it's adding value. It would be dishonest if you said 'hey the site has moved here' and give your own site, but this is fairly transparent. lol Creative

Barry Schwartz

11/04/2010 01:27 pm

Amy, no idea who that is. No Name, no one is saying to lie. You say, the link on page X is broken. I know another good resource you can use to replace it.

aluminium kozijnen

02/02/2011 01:03 pm

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SEO Professionals

08/16/2011 09:52 am

A free and easy to use tool to find broken links is: Xenu's Link Sleuth. The program checks web sites for broken hyper links and it checks not only the "normal" links but also style sheets, scripts, frames, local image maps links, etc.

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