Bing Gets Something Google Can't Get, Facebook Data

Oct 14, 2010 • 8:45 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

The huge search news yesterday was Bing's Facebook announcement. In short, Bing is now showing you search results that your friends on Facebook like.

Let me be clear, the Bing organic search results are currently not changing based on your Facebook data. Instead, Bing is adding a module on the search page that shows results that your friends might like for the query. Got that?

Here is a sample of a module:

Bing Facebook

This alone is valuable. Personally, not to me, since I really don't use Facebook like I should. But so many people, not people who use Twitter (techies) but people like your mom and dad, sister and brother, use Facebook. This is incredibly valuable. Google would not deny this, heck they are trying to make a huge push in social search by using Twitter and other open social networks, but nothing comes close to what Facebook has and they are closed.

That being said, currently the organic results on Bing are not impacted by this. Will they be? Who knows, maybe in the future. But if it is, I wonder how that impacts the Yahoo results.

Recommended reading for this? Of course, Danny's article at Search Engine Land. Matt McGee notified me of Amit Kumar's post on this. Amit was at Yahoo before Yahoo "killed" SearchMonkey (Amit used those words and he built Search Monkey). He said this will give Bing more relevant results than Google within a year - I guess that is if they have it impact the pure organic results.

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Barrie Adams

10/14/2010 02:40 pm

This is a major change, and surely won't be long before Google go down the same road, if SEO's choose not to take notice they will struggle in the future, Social Media integration with Search IS the future.

Michael Butler

10/14/2010 04:02 pm

Are you saying facebook is allowing Bing special access to their data? Or can google also do this, Bing just did it first?

Barry Schwartz

10/14/2010 04:57 pm

I assume Microsoft is paying Facebook for this, although they did not disclose that. Facebook said they will currently only work with Bing on this and not Google. That might change but they made it clear, this is Bing only for the next year or so.

Mark Specialist

10/14/2010 08:05 pm

I am just like you in the fact that I don't use Facebook as much as I should. Bing is on the right path with this however the impact has yet to be seen. Let's see how this plays eh?


10/15/2010 12:00 pm

This is really a big deal. FB and Google the big fight. I'm very curious how will win.?

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