Google's Add / Submit URL Form Goes Offline

Oct 4, 2010 • 7:49 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Over the weekend, the famous add URL to Google form was offline.

Google posted a known issue about this saying:

The form to submit URLs to add to our index at is currently not available. Our engineers are aware of this issue and working to resolve it.

Keep in mind that Google generally discovers new URLs on its own. Also keep in mind that the use of this form does not affect crawling, indexing, or ranking of URLs that are already indexed.

There are a variety of ways to make sure that Google finds new URLs for your website: we have linked to some of our Help Center articles about this on our FAQ entry about crawling and indexing. Thank you for your patience.

Personally, I don't know if I ever used the add URL form. Maybe I have as a joke or something but never really with intentions of the URL being added. The best way to get a URL added is from a link from a page that gets crawled frequently.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld, Google Web Search Help and Google Webmaster Help.

Update: Google has seemed to finally fix this form on October 6, 2010.

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10/04/2010 05:18 pm

Google add url can take some time to crawl and list your site, i agree links are an integeral part of having your sites pages indexed, remembering that deep links to your site may not get crawled often. Use Google web tools and submit a sitemap and detect any issues with your website.

Bill Orr

10/06/2010 12:32 am

You are a verifiable smart ass aren't you? I've been into seo for over 12 years and constantly use google addurl. It's worked for me to the extent that out of all my submissions, over 90% are in top 10 SERPs. Can you claim anything close to that feat? I think not . . .

Barry Schwartz

10/06/2010 12:35 am

Wow, and you don't mind giving your real name and web site URL claiming submitting your URL using this form gives you good ranking in Google. You have been doing SEO for 12 years all via the add url form? I'm impressed.

Matt Smith

10/06/2010 07:38 am

I actually used that add url page about a week ago and used the comment box to let them know it was a domain change. Took them less then a week to redo all the links in their search DB. So they must pay attention to it. As we did not set up any redirects, the old url would just get an error page.

Matt Smith

10/06/2010 07:51 am

Inktomi is the one I have problems with, as we speak google has us 100% indexed [wasn't that way last night] Googlebot pages 31856 (100%) visits 3384 Inktomi pages 6 (0%) visits 8567 Inktomi shows up daily, with 20+ different new Ip addresses [that I get to add to the bot list] but can't index a standard phpBB forum right like google. And Im done helping them. Ready to block them for using up lots of resources and giving back little.


10/09/2010 12:16 am

I actually had to scroll back up to check the date of this post, after reading the comments. I think the 1 and the 0 in the last two digits of the year got mixed up... Barry, where do you find these people?


11/07/2010 09:31 pm

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01/11/2012 04:01 pm

It was down

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