60% Of You Don't Like Google Instant

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Four days after Google Instant launched, I ran a poll asking our readers if they like Google Instant. I am not surprised to see 60% saying they don't like it. I am a bit surprised to see only about 20% saying they do like it, I was expecting over 30%.

We had a nice number of responses, just about 550 responses to the poll.

Here is the break down:

  • 59% said they DISLIKE Google Instant
  • 22% said they LIKE Google instant
  • 15% said it depends
  • 4% said other answers

Most of the other answers said they hate it or they are not sure yet.

Forum discussion linked to over here.

Note: This post was written September 21st and scheduled to go live today.

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09/23/2010 01:49 pm

I'm sure the Google engineers are rolling back the old version as we speak. Seriously though, SEOs are the last people who's opinion counts here. How can we be objective? Google will undoubtedly have tested this thoroughly on a large base of real users without an agenda.

Kathy S

09/23/2010 08:04 pm

Why is google's favicon on google.com a copyrighted National Society of Daughers of the American Revolution image?


09/27/2010 05:08 pm

People hate change. Especially they hate change when their personal job is affected. Ask SEOs about changes at Google that will cost them more effort and the result of the poll is more than obvious. Ranking in the top spots of the SERPS will be even more important in the future and this will certainly increase the challenge for all of us (at least for those who are not working for one of the major brands that pop up as soon as the first letter gets filled in.) People however embrace change when it makes things more comfortable. Therefore I think Google Instant is here to stay as most "non online marketing folks" will find a use in it.


09/29/2010 07:58 am

Just because the results change with every key typed does not make it any better. If I'm looking for something, I'm going to type it in and not stop between each keystroke to see what's what. I hate this change.

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