82% Of SEOs Say Linking To Banned Web Sites Can Hurt You

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There is a debate in the SEO industry on can links hurt you. We know many SEOs believe links to their site can hurt them, even if competitors send you those links. So the next poll I ran is what if you linked to banned sites, can that hurt you?

Most SEOs said, yes it can hurt you. The 120 plus responses, 82% felt there is danger in linking to banned web sites.

Here is the break down:

  • 48% said Only If You Link To Many Banned Sites
  • 34% said Yes - It Will Hurt Your Rankings
  • 16% said No - It Won't Hurt Your Rankings

Are you surprised 16% said it can't hurt you? I am.

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Note: This post was written September 21st and scheduled to go live today.

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09/25/2010 09:45 am

Well, that actually brings some hope, since verifying that sites of my commenters aren't banned is the LAST thing I want to do.


09/27/2010 02:31 am


SEO Professionals

08/17/2011 03:55 pm

One consideration is in the quality of the links that you accept. There are a lot of spammers out there on the World Wide Web, whose sites offer very little value. Quantity does not beat quality. Ever. So if you intend to just blanket your submissions to a directory in hopes of watching the number of backlinks grow, don't get your hopes too high up. You want the quality of the links to be recognized in the eyes of Google and all the major search engine players. So start by putting out your best content. Follow directory guidelines to a tee. Reproduce, reproduce, reproduce. But when you get other sites start linking to you, make sure that you check them out first to see if the relationship makes sense and to see whether or not their own site offers any real value.


04/06/2013 09:36 am

Is there any tool to check banned website is linked on our site? please let me know if yes.

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