LASIK Surgeons No Longer Considered "Excessive" On Google Places

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There was a recent bug reported at the Google Places Help forum where LASIK surgeons were unable to update their profile.

The error the LASIK surgeons were receiving from Google said, "excessive capitalization error." That means the word "LASIK" can't be capitalized in Google Places. Thing is, LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis and most people who use the word do capitalize it.

Cecelia from the Google Maps team confirmed the bug and said she fixed it last night. She told this surgeon:

I've made a change that should help. Try adding LASIK again, and see what happens.

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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Mary Bowling

09/16/2010 11:33 pm

I have been experiencing this same problem when trying to enter acronyms for trade associations and business groups. Even using BBB and Better Business Bureau was causing problems. Very frustrating!

Moosa Hemani

09/17/2010 05:45 am

I can only give it a smile over it!!... but its good that Google do consider things and fix the things. Google is trying to provide Good customer services what Apple is loosing these days...:)

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