How Jessie Lunderby & Google Instant Can't "Get You Fired"

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With the launch of Google Instant Google knows what you are searching for before you even search. Or does it?

A disgruntled searcher posted a complaint in the Google Web Search Help forums saying that Google's new Instant feature can get you fired. How so?

He said he was doing a search for Jessie James but as he was typing the word Jessie, up came results and images of Jessie Lunderby, the playboy model. He said if he boss saw his screen, he would have been fired.

Jessie Lunderby on Google

He seemed really upset and said, "This is the kind of thing that can get people fired."

Perhaps but maybe show your boss how Google Instant works? Maybe your boss has a friend named Jessie and tell him or her to try it? I doubt this would get anyone fired.

I found the complaint funny but yet, he does have a point. What if you have a kid the age of 8 whose name is Jessie and they begin searching for their name? Of course, Jessie is not the only example here.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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09/14/2010 12:36 pm

But if they're trying to fire you (here in Europe they can't fire just cause they want), you're done.


09/14/2010 12:50 pm

@eltercerhombre if a company is trying to fire you why the hell are you working for them, just leave.. I have no problem with anyone I employ looking are anything "risky" I do have a far bigger problem with facebook..

Ben Cook

09/14/2010 04:39 pm

if you're in the SEO space trying to search for Kim or Vanessa could potentially get you into some hot water. If you're a pepper aficionado & go to look up the hottest variety, you might be explaining to your boss what the hell you were looking at.

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