Google Scribe: SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool?

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Google Scribe is a new Google Labs project that offers keyword suggestions in an open text box, as you type. It is not the Google search box, it is a standalone text entry box for auto word completion suggestions.

Google Scribe

You can click on the suggestion or type the number referenced to auto-complete it.

Google Operating System blog goes much deeper into all the features. It seems to only work in the English language.

Obviously, this may come in handy for SEOs who are looking to write better content and even expand their keyword list.

Forum discussion at Google Blogoscoped Forums.

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Rebecca L.

09/08/2010 01:51 pm

This is cool, but when I tried the go-to keyword for our niche, "breast augmentation", it doesn't work. At least on the surface it seems to be blocking potentially sexual queries..?


09/09/2010 10:29 am

I think that this could be used to generate random articles. From a seed keyword, I tried just pressing the return after each suggestion and it created a readable but somewhat nonsensical passage of text.


09/09/2010 11:53 am

If you want to generate keyword lists from Google Suggest, I'd go for where you get a proper list you can copy to excel.


09/18/2010 03:16 pm

Not sure how useful this is for anyone. There might be a good idea underneath/

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