SEOs Can't Agree on On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO Factors

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Anyone reading this site for the past years or so know the typical on-page vs off-page SEO debate. One SEO school of thought is "content is king" and the other is "links are supreme." If you can spend your time on one element, on-page or off-page what would it be. If you can do both, which do you think is the most important of the two?

I ran a poll asking this question and we had a nice number of responses. Of the 359 responses, we learned that SEOs can't agree on a single answer. The available choices included On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Both Equal and Depends.

Look at how even the results are in the pie chart.


The specific results were:

  • Off Page SEO - 28.41%
  • Depends - 26.74%
  • Both Equal - 25.07%
  • On Page SEO - 19.78%

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09/09/2010 06:17 pm

Your title is misleading. What makes you think that all or even most or even ANY of the people who responded to your poll were SEOs, as opposed to people who just read webmaster forums and believe the enormous amount of mythical crap that gets posted there ad nauseum?


09/09/2010 07:23 pm

From the Title I first understand you are talking about all SEO's but after reading the post I've understood its a debate between them. However, now comes the need to test with the new changes Google has taken in the form of Instant Results. Though I have read some stats showing Google has just released the feature that allows only fast results but quality remains the same, I think we need to move along with them by doing some analysis on the latest improvements. What do you think?

Carl Bartlett

09/09/2010 07:42 pm

Yes, content is king, but links provide results faster and tend to be a lot easier. If a site has semmi decent content, I will focus on links first and move onto content and deeplinking later. Is this wrong when clinets want to start seeing serults early on?

Michael Martinez

09/09/2010 08:27 pm

It's really a pointless debate since without content there isn't a whole lot of reason for people to be getting links.

Bill Sebald

09/10/2010 03:22 pm

I see it split just like this in my world too. I know a couple SEOs who succeed greatly building links only, without content on the site. Less pure and ideal, but can't argue with the wins. Sometimes drives me nuts since I'm a content guy. (success is dependent on the goal, of course.)


09/10/2010 06:29 pm

I agree with Michael Martinez. Good content will get links.


08/01/2011 05:10 pm

In my opinion onpage and offpage seo are more important. To optimize your website in search engines you need onpage method. And then through offpage seo you build backlinks and improve web traffic for your website. porn addiction

Ajay Singh

11/26/2013 12:37 pm

What is doing in this time in seo ? if u doing in off page , what is doing off page ?

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