Google Map In Web Search Can Drop Your CTR Up to 65%

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Google showing maps and local listings in the pure organic web search results is nothing new. For example, the image below shows a search for [plumber 10010], NYC plumbers. Now, if you are not in that local listing and you are in the web search results, what are the chances of you getting clicked on? Slim, no?

Google Local in Search

A WebmasterWorld thread is asking webmasters and SEOs to estimate the degradation of having the local listings mixed into the web search results. The estimates of the loss range anywhere from 10% to 65% depending on who you ask and where the map location is. I'd assume the example above would be closer to 65% but when the maps show up in the middle of the page, maybe closer to 20%?

Tedster of WebmasterWorld said, "I've seen more like 35% to 60% loss." The site references some studies done in the past as well.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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09/01/2010 12:52 pm

I *think* Google Webmaster Tools updates the Search Queries CTR/AVG Pos. stats to coincide when map listings appear. For example, seeing an avg pos. of 4 for a brand term due to the map being pulled. The CTR is also reduced. Imagine this will happen more and more over time.


09/01/2010 02:08 pm

I have seen something like a 25% decrease in the Kansas City area for local niches. I don't remember if it was on this site or WMW, but there was a post last week that showed nothing but Google maps results for the entire first page. Have there been any more instances of this happening?

No Name

09/01/2010 03:07 pm

It's clear, that sites, belonging to local companies, may loose in traffic in case of absence in local google. The question is how many queries, which site showing by,are QDL (query deserves local). The next question is how does Google estimate the site locality and how it is possible to have an influence on it. The neighbour topic on WebmasterWorld is interesting too (


09/01/2010 03:08 pm

>how does Google estimate the site locality the query locality, sorry


09/02/2010 04:12 pm

Good news if you're in the maps listing but bad news if you're not. I don't its the fact that users always blindly click on the top few links, I think it shows that for a location search its really helpful to see that information laid out on a map. I imagine even if the map was lower down the page the CTR wouldn't be affected much.

John Weaver

09/22/2010 01:49 pm

Unfortunately I'm not too surprised. Good feature for the user, but it is such a busy almost don't know where to go! 65% drop in CTR is pretty crazy. Good data guys.

Burning Bridges

02/03/2011 07:58 pm

Google continues to overwhelm their users with extremely busy pages. Google Instant almost has me to the point of going to another search engine... Almost. http:/

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