Link Building Tip: Salvage Links by 404s & More

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A WebmasterWorld thread has two moderators offering some basic tips on how to garner more links for your web site.

The easiest method is to find links you already have but might not be counting.

Buckworks from the forum suggested using Google Webmaster Tools, going to the "Not Found" report in crawl errors and making sure to 301 redirect those URLs to the relevant URLs that currently exist on your site.

Yes, this is a basic SEO tip, not just for link building but for overall good SEO practice. We know it only takes a couple weeks for a 301 to pass the link juice from the old URL to the new. But we also know there is a minor dampening factor for 301ed link juice.

The moderator of the WebmasterWorld link building forum, martinibuster, also suggested that you look for links to pages that don't really link anywhere. Pages such like PDF files, Word documents, and other non-HTML pages and suggest the linker link to the HTML page instead.

There are tons of tips like this, so make sure to join the thread and chime in.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

07/23/2010 06:26 pm

Barry: "We know it only takes a couple weeks for a 301 to pass the link juice from the old URL to the new." I would hope Caffeine has shortened that timeframe by now.


07/24/2010 07:59 am

Link building and Article Directory submission is still the best....First because you gain knowledge and backlinks...second is you share knowledge and you gain traffic...thanks for posting!!!


07/25/2010 10:08 am

What if I don't use 301 redirect, will it affect my performance. Recently I modified my site from Joomla I used the HTML instead. I logged in to Google Webmasters Tool, first time to use it actually, it still reads the old site and says cannot be found...does it have to do with not using 301 redirect...just curious. Will it affect my traffic, Thanks.

SEO Professionals

08/25/2011 03:08 am

Something that people don't do enough of is build links constantly. If you are not number 1 then you need to be building more links to your site every day and even if you are number 1 you need to build links in order to stay #1. My suggestion is to get at least 5 new links per day to your website even if they are just blog comments or forums signatures.

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