Minor Google PageRank Update : July 2010

Jul 23, 2010 • 8:39 am | comments (16) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

We had two PageRank updates in June of this year already. However, this latest Toolbar PageRank update seems to be relatively minor and impacts only a small percentage of web sites out there.

Starting on June 20th or June 21st, some people began reporting seeing their PageRank change in the Google Toolbar.

We have threads at DigitalPoint Forums and several at Google Webmaster Help.

This is minor, most people were not impacted. It may be one of those PageRank penalty cycles where sites are hit for buying or selling links. But again, it is a minor update and not noticed by most.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums and Google Webmaster Help.

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No Name

07/23/2010 01:36 pm

When will the full pagerank update be?


07/24/2010 06:24 am

for updates see https://twitter.com/google_update


07/24/2010 07:53 am

Yea I noticed too.Sometimes it is the littlest things that make the biggest difference!


07/24/2010 08:11 am

Is it going to be this month?


07/24/2010 01:01 pm

The informations about google update PR is variated. I need the official information.


07/24/2010 07:08 pm

We still haven't seen any change in our page rank. Waiting eagerly. I know it doesn't really matter that much either way, but it feels like a pat on the back for our SEO efforts.


07/24/2010 08:26 pm

I dont see update on my sites 7/24/10 any of you, can confirm


07/26/2010 10:55 am

Small update: 2/50 websites with new PR. And I don't care a bit :-)

Anubhav Nair

07/27/2010 05:57 pm

As far as I know, the update will be by end of August. But hoping that it do not affect my page ranks

No Name

07/29/2010 01:32 pm

no google pr updates so far in some of my sites..


07/30/2010 10:10 pm

Well nothing for me so far. Let see when google updates the PR.

No Name

08/02/2010 02:19 am

No update for Google PR.

No Name

08/02/2010 02:21 am

My Blog still PR2


08/02/2010 08:55 am

nothing here... maybe end of august

Ravi Chayal

08/15/2010 10:41 am

I Think that Google will update between 15-20 Aug.


08/29/2010 11:33 am

I haven't seen any PR changes yet with any of my sites.

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