Google Places (Maps) Reports Delayed

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There are complaints at the Google Places Help forum that the reports are delayed and not updated since July 13th, over a week ago.

Google Places provides nice reports including impression, queries, actions and so on. But those reports have not been updated for over a week now. Here is a picture of my report:

google places report delay

Andrew Baker in the forum, not from Google, said:

The freeze on the Google Places dashboard stats does happen from time to time, in my experience it means Google are focusing their resources on new features and changes... I expect they will update in the near future.

That statement makes sense, since Google Maps did a OneBox redesign which also impacted map reviews. When will they come back? I have no idea.

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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Mike Lowrey

07/22/2010 03:53 pm

Hmmm... it seems Google are having a bit of an issue updating things on places at the moment. I recently edited descriptions and photo's on a few listings, it confirms the changes via Google places dashboard but when you check the maps they haven't been implemented and it's been well over a week now and still no change. You can edit the categories and it updates instantly but anything else just isn't updating at all? Have you experienced any of these issues?

David Willmott

09/07/2010 10:16 pm

Same problem here Mike, been waiting over 5 weeks.

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