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Two days ago, we reported some people noticing a new design for Google Images. More and more people began reporting it but no one was quick enough to snap a screen shot and post it.

I did some research and found one person on Twitter who posted a screen capture of the new design. So this looks legit and here are before and after shots.

The New Google Image Search Design:

New Google Images Design

The Old (current) Google Image Search Design:

Old Google Images Design

What do you think?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Update, we have more pictures from Bastiaan of Eduhub, these are very revealing:

Google Images

Google Images

Google Images

Google Images

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07/16/2010 02:35 pm

If what you're after are images, then this new design does the trick. It definitely shows you more images at once, at the expense of some meta-data and spacing. I find it more useful, because usually I search for images to put in temporary documents or send to friends while chatting - so I'm not concerned with the origin of the image. I guess I'm more concerned with the image contents - and I can reach the best image more quickly with the new design.

Roger Sikes

07/16/2010 04:00 pm

My only issue is not being able to see the URL of the site the image is hosted on. I'd rather know what I could potentially be clicking into. What I can't tell from the image is if maybe there is hover text or something else that displays that info.

Bill Hartzer

07/16/2010 05:35 pm

Wow, I am now seriously hungry for some pancakes. Good thing there's an IHOP around the corner. I do like the fact that there's more images on the page. Makes it easier to rank well for Google image search.


07/16/2010 06:04 pm

great design. its clear , quick, user freindly and it doesnt show info i dont need,, i had a two second go today , when is it live


07/16/2010 06:13 pm

The new image search design looks beautiful and appreciable, but the only thing is that the URL could not find for the image.


07/17/2010 02:49 am

I guess I'm more concerned with the image contents - and I can reach the best image more quickly with the new design.


07/17/2010 05:07 am

I really hate it. you can't see what sort of site the image is from, or the size or image properties, which is what I want. The previous Google Image search was perfect for me, now this just ruins it. Very disappointed. Anyone know how to "opt out" ?


07/17/2010 09:27 am

The new display design is cluttered,and by hiding the file source information until the image is hovered over it actually displays less useful information. I hope they give end users an option to turn this off/display the old way.


07/18/2010 09:45 pm

The "older" GoogleImages works. Why f*@k with it?! If it ain't broke . . . -case closed.


07/19/2010 11:05 am

I know man, how can anybody like this? It has been the same style since 2003 or even earlier and i stuck with it. The new one is laggy as hell, pictures don't load for a certain amount of time and the details are gone. You better fix it now google or i will falcon kick every one of you.


07/20/2010 01:12 am

What happens when you click on an image: http://i.imgur.com/wj5g4.png I personally hate it.


07/20/2010 01:58 am

Can you opt out of this?


07/20/2010 02:30 am

don't like the new design, it will make me move my mouse onto every image to the details

Tom Nolan

07/20/2010 08:08 am

I like the look of the new design but if its not gonna provide you with as much useful info when you hover over them it's gonna be a rather unnecessary change


07/21/2010 03:01 am

I hate it too. I've noticed that if you change languages, it goes back to the old style. Try Elmer Fudd language...it's still readable and will give you a laugh.


07/24/2010 08:36 pm

What REALLY bugs me about the 'new improved image search' is that I go searching for a lot of rapidshare files... In the past, I got great stuff (and easy to find) from Google Image search... For example - just type in GIF Animator Rapidshare - and I'll find the full versions of the software... Or Stone Temple Pilots CD Rapidshare - and guess what! Now I can't see which are people's blogs (giving away free stuff) OR f----- spam sites, because Google has hidden all the details (unless I mouse over 1000 f------- images to reveal the details of their sites) .... Ghrrrrr... Not Happy...

Dixie Normous

07/27/2010 06:59 am



07/29/2010 02:58 am

New layout is terrible, it's good that it's got more images on a page...but there's a difference between that and having it completely cluttered with stuff :C. Another downside is it's SLOWER to load and when I click on an image, it may appear straight away, but it's horribly pixelated and all the quality is gone! Please give me back classic...


07/29/2010 09:47 am

Massive improvement in my eyes, everything loads really fast for me, this is one i have been waiting for google to improve for a while now. No real need to use cooliris now


08/04/2010 12:12 pm

I see a lot of discussion about the new image format. Once a couple of weeks ago I was surprised to see a new format, and really liked it. Later that day the old format appeared. How can I display the new format? Has it been discontinued? I actually liked it.


08/08/2010 03:10 am

The new design couldn't be anymore logical. It serves the reason why we search for images in the first place. When searching for image, the primary focus is to get the "right" image, followed by knowing the source of the image. The new design serves the purpose in the same order. People's hatred for it is more a social phenomena than a technical one. "Resistance to Change" is not a new thing, right? We had all gotten acquainted with the older version. Although it might take some time to get used to, this design is better in many fronts - You see much more images at one go now (upto 20 pages), and the secondary data(image source, size, etc.) is available with mouse-over. For those of you who still prefer the old school look (many have commented above that they do), and would rather have the old version, Google has in fact provided the option to view in the old format. It's the "Switch to basic version" tab at the very bottom of the results page. So, take your pic(k) - Red pill/blue pill....


08/10/2010 01:56 am

The new Google Images format would be great if it didn't take forever to load. Clicking on an image, going to it's website then going back to Images and waiting for the whole 15 pages to reload is extremely annoying. It's the same in Safari as it is in Firefox. I need to use Google images constantly and quickly for work and this new format is really slowing me down. I don't know much about how computers or programs work so is there any way I could custom-format Images for it to operate faster?


12/12/2010 05:21 am

you can revert to the old image search by appending "&sout=1" (without the brackets) to the end of the URL after you have run the search, but my kingdom for a permanent opt-out!

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