Bing Almost Doubles Search Share In a Year

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Microsoft relaunched their search engine Bing on June 1, 2009, just over a year ago.

On June 1, 2009 Bing's market share, according to Hitwise was 5.25%. A year later, according to Hitwise it is 9.85% share. If you do the math, that is about 88% growth year-over-year, not too far under double growth!

Here are some of the latest stats from Hitwise:

Hitwise June 2010 Stats

Hitwise June 2010 Stats

Of course, growing share from 5% to 10% is nice, but it still shadows Google's share. In June 2009, Google had a share of 74.04%, June 2010 Google's share is 71.65, so that is a 3% decline.

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Geno Prussakov

07/12/2010 03:45 pm

This growth alone makes enough of a reason for Google's concern. If Bing keeps growing its search share at this pace, a little over a year, Bing+Yahoo will own half the market... Or is this a bit too far-fetched? You never know...


07/12/2010 09:13 pm

It's great to see early signs of some serious competition for Google. Should make search a better world for all of us.

No Name

07/13/2010 08:44 am

Classic case of overdevelopment, why fix something that isn't broken? I'm referring to all the recent updates at Google such as the re-design, there was simply no need for it! And to make it look more like Bing just highlights Googles concerns even more. Competition is rising, this is a great thing, about time we got some decent traffic levels from Bing!


07/14/2010 01:49 pm

I think the Bing/Yahoo power duo is not bloody likely to have half the search market share in just over a year, personally. Their branding and established position in consumers' minds just isn't where Google's is, and it'll take a lot more than a quick start out of the gate to accomplish that. But I do agree - the competition between search engines is a great thing for searchers and SEOs alike. I'm all for competition in the name of quality.

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