Google's Deceptive Search Box Tricks China Into Renewing License

Jul 9, 2010 • 8:18 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Okay, maybe my title is a bit strong, but there is some truth to it. As I blogged at Search Engine Land this morning, Google announced China renewed their license to operate in the country.

Long story short... Google earned a license to operate in China in 2007 on the condition they would censor the search results. Fast forward to 2009, Google was part of a Chinese government hack, which compromised Google's security, got Google mad and Google said they would leave China. Google then started automatically redirecting Google.CN (Google China) to (Google Hong Kong), which China didn't like. So Google set up a deceptive manual redirect where users were tricked into clicking on a picture of a search box and then redirected to Google Hong Kong, which is technically a manual redirect.

China fell for it or simply wants Google in China and gave in. I don't know.

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07/09/2010 12:49 pm

I say they gave in...Even communism can't resist the lure of Google...Must..Have...Google...


07/09/2010 03:32 pm

What an interesting move to leave the Google HK redirects all over the Google CN homepage. I'm curious as to how the Google HK and Google CN market share starts are broken down in comparison to Baidu (past, present, and future).

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