Google Bug Serves "Redirect Notice" On Queries With Hashes

Jul 8, 2010 • 8:48 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Google has confirmed a bug where searchers are forced through a Google redirect page prior to ending up on the ultimate search result. This only happens when you search for something with a hash, for example a search on [c# language].

If you search for that, you are presented with search results, but if you click on the search results, you are prompted by a Google redirect warning. Here is the path:

Google Redirect Bug

Google Redirect Bug

You can see the warning by clicking here.

I wonder if people who rank well for # related keywords have noticed a major drop off in referrals from Google?

Google confirmed the bug in a Google Web Search Help thread, saying:

Thanks for reporting this issue. I saw the same redirect page when I clicked on the first result for my [h#] search. We're looking into what might be causing this and I'll let you when we get an update.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Michael Butler

07/08/2010 01:29 pm

well at least the hash/pound sign will be included in the query now. I remember a while back when '#' was ignored (along with certain other special characters) when doing searches. Luckily I was never a C# developer but I could imagine the frustration, always coming up with results related to C.

No Name

07/14/2010 05:55 pm

The query business is an expansive one and I'm frightened by how well the majority of queries are dealt with with Google searches ... some days, when time is on my side ... I query Google with keywords that should not be found together ... the results are always surprisingly accurate...

No Name

10/23/2010 08:34 am

Hi, i've experience it too today :( what happen? how to remove that warning redirection?


07/24/2011 12:22 pm

This article is just plain wrong. Never searched for anything with a hash in it - ever. Thought it was something to do with machine code . Used Google all my netlife - now about 15 yrs. I get the redirect almost every f##k##g  time.

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