Google AdWords Testing Related Broad Matches AdWords Ads

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Yesterday I reported at Search Engine Land based on a discovery by James Carswell that Google was testing a new AdWords ad block in the Google search results.

The new ad block was "related ads" that expanded on the searcher's search query and showed ads for a different keyword. Here is a picture of what the ad block looked like:

google related adwords

Google confirmed yesterday that this is indeed a beta test. Google sent me this statement, which may clarify things a bit:

We're always experimenting with new features and tools to help users find information online. We're currently testing a feature on English language versions of the Google search results page in which additional advertisements for related queries or refinements of the user's original query may appear. This beta experiment provides users with a diverse set of relevant ads, and offers advertisers with relevant broad match keywords another opportunity to reach their target audience.

The closest thing I have seen to this in the past were related commercial searches placed in the AdWords section. But those were not ads, they were just queries that generated a new search result that lead to display ads in that section.

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No Name

06/24/2010 04:10 pm

Interesting post. Good to see that Google are using related ad's to make searches more relevant for keywords such as 'London Parking' and 'World Cup.' However, I recently saw that Google are trying this on branded terms as well, such as 'P&O ferries.' Where competitors are being shown on P&O's branded terms. Surely, this is going to lwoer CTR for the brands themselves and promote their competitors, not to mention whether this will increase CPC's for brand's on their brand keywords. Following on from the legislation that was filed by Louis Vuitton following the trademark change back in May 2008, this is surely going to cause a backlash from advertisers if Google are actively promoting their competitors on their brand terms. Be interested to know if related ad's are appearing on any other brand terms.

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