Google FIFA World Cup & Jacques Cousteau Logo & Other FIFA World Cup Logos From Bing, Ask & Others

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The FIFA World Cup kicks off today and Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines have their special logos up today. The interesting thing is that in the US, does not have a logo for FIFA World Cup but rather has a Doodle for Jacques Cousteau. FIFA does not need an explanation.

Jacques Cousteau is a 100 today, he died on June 25, 1997 and was a well-known for co-developing the aqua-lung, as pictured in the Google Doodle. Here is a picture of the Jacques Cousteau Google Doodle:

Google Happy 100th Birthday Jacques Cousteau!

Now for the FIFA World Cup explosion of logos, doodles, themes and animations from the search industry:

The Typical Google FIFA Logo:

Google World Cup Logo

Google has a special FIFA logo on Google France & Google South Africa (and some others):

Google South Africa FIFA:

Google World Cup Logo

Google France FIFA:

Google France World Cup Logo

Google Korea:

I ♥ 축구 로고 그리기 대회 우상작

Yahoo animated:

Yahoo static:

Yahoo World Cup Logo


Baidu World Cup Logo


YouTube World Cup Logo


Bing World Cup Logo

Ask World Cup Logo

A search for [world cup] in Google:

FIFA Google

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06/11/2010 02:39 pm

Love the JYC Doodle. You are only 100 yrs old on one day! France should have been honored with their most famous citizen on this one day.


06/12/2010 02:28 pm

Yo I just found this on bing. Not sure if it's being update or not but the interface is nice:

Mike McDonnell

06/14/2010 04:28 am

The best in my opinion is by the non player, I like their page.

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