Searchers Hate Custom Google Home Page, Want Opt Out

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See my update below, Google basically pulled the background images.

At midnight of June 10th, Google flipped the home page of to automatically show a background image. They announced that this will only be automatic for June 10th, a 24 hour period.

Lots of people are calling it a Bing impersonation, which I assume Google knew and decided they didn't care about.

But at the same time, although I personally like Google really pushing people into the customized home page - I think they should have given an opt out. I think most people had no clue that this was an option until Google went this drastic route, but give them a way to opt out.

I was browsing the Google Web Search Help forums and the first 6 pages of threads in that forum, as of 8am (EST) are all complaints. Here are the first 3 pages, I ran out of room...

google background image complaints

Google, when doing something this drastic, next time, just put an option to go back.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint Forums, Google Webmaster Help and i'll just link to one Google Web Search Help thread.

Update: Google removes background images early and adds a link explaining things. Google's Marissa Mayer tweeted they just removed it. But she did not explain why. I assume it has to do with the complaints.

Actually as of now :) @Jon_E Google search background back to normal tomorrow, says @marissamayer.less than a minute ago via web

Google home page back

Google updated their blog post saying:

Update June 10, 11:31AM: Last week, we launched the ability to set an image of users' choosing as the background for the Google homepage. Today, we ran a special "doodle" that showcased this functionality by featuring a series of images as the background for our homepage. We had planned to run an explanation of the showcase alongside it-in the form of a link on our homepage. Due to a bug, the explanatory link did not appear for most users. As a result, many people thought we had permanently changed our homepage, so we decided to stop today's series early. We appreciate your feedback and patience as we experiment and iterate.

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06/10/2010 01:48 pm

Hate google's background images - bothers my vision . . . now moving to different search site . . .


06/10/2010 02:16 pm

not only are they annoying but they feature some of the most noxious, hyper-commercialized art i've ever seen. i'll never forgive google for making me see jeff koons' work first thing when i woke up this morning.

jessica newman

06/10/2010 02:30 pm

Nice post. Just putting it out there, if you ever need a yacht shipper, look up Yacht Exports. They do a good job.


06/10/2010 03:09 pm

fortunately, you can use google over https ( to use the site without a background image


06/10/2010 04:29 pm

Its Google's website and they can do as they wish, like with anything else if it bothers you then move on. The image does not change existing functionality, just the appearance. At the same time since it is customizable an easy way to default back to the original would be appreciated.


06/10/2010 04:40 pm

Gee, thanks for that great advice, Thomas. Google totally needs you to stand up for them against all those meanies saying bad things about the main page change. Don't be a moron. The only options aren't "Use it and shut up" or "Move on," but thanks for the false dilemma. Another alternative (and the one most likely to make a difference) is "Complain like hell," which is obviously the choice a large portion of users have gone with.

Web Dude

06/10/2010 04:45 pm

Of course you like them forcing people to see it. You have a Google chip firmly implanted in your brain and worship every thing Google does.


06/10/2010 05:19 pm

There is a simple fix. When you select a background image, under "Editor's picks" there's an option called "White."


06/10/2010 05:38 pm

Looks like Google just added a "remove background" link on the bottom left that brings you the normal Google homepage. I guess they heard the complaints and responded.

Concerned Citizen

06/10/2010 06:24 pm

hate, Hate, HATE the google home page background... so much so that I've changed my home page to


06/10/2010 07:31 pm

Makes my head hurt..... Google is getting worse at thinking they can force things on people.

matt inertia

06/10/2010 09:06 pm

Moan moan moan... Some people just love to hate Google for the slightest thing. I saw it this morning and thought "huh, that looks a bit like Bing", did a search and then started my day of WORK!


06/11/2010 07:04 am

Dont know y this people are dislike google... if they dont want to use that option then they go to universal page. google just giving it for fun only and that will not cause any noxious or damage your privacy even though they copied from bing.


06/11/2010 07:05 am

Dont know y this people are dislike google... if they dont want to use that option then they go to universal page. google just giving it for fun only and that will not cause any noxious or damage your privacy even though they copied from bing.

Tom Nolan

06/11/2010 08:13 am

Wow all this fuss about a 'storm in a teacup'! I agree with Bob, you've got two options 'use it and shut up' or 'move on'!

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