How To Move Your Company's Google Street View Image

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Back in March 2010, Google announced a feature that wasn't covered too much. What happens if you have a street view image for your business listing in Google Maps that you are not happy about?

For example, one user complained in the Google Maps Help forum that his street view image shows graffiti on his building. He blamed Google for showing that as his company face on Google Maps.

Here is a picture:

Google graffiti street views

The solution is fairly straightforward:

You go to the business on Google Maps, click on "more" and then click on "move marker":

Google Maps Street View Positioning

Then a split screen will come up where you can move the marker on the Street Views:

Google Maps Street View Positioning

That is how you move your street views image on Google for your business.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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Dave R

06/04/2010 03:18 pm

From what I can tell it seems there is no way to change the street view via a Google Places account. Apparently, what you and Google have shared here only works for unclaimed business listings which is a bit backwards. You should be able to designate your street view within your Google Places account. Instead you are only able to adjust the placement of the marker. This means the street view could be facing the opposite direction of the actual business and a business that has gone through the trouble of claiming their listing can not truly show what they want to show.

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