Poll: Google's New Design Sending Less Traffic To Your Site?

May 11, 2010 • 8:09 am | comments (9) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

The new Google design launched May 5th and even if you hate it or not, it is here to stay. But some webmasters are claiming that although the ranking of their web pages are the same in Google, the traffic Google is sending is much less. Meaning, the redesign has impacted the likelihood of a searcher clicking from the new Google search results, over to your web page.

A WebmasterWorld thread has Brett Tabke, the owner of that forum saying:

The last week was the biggest single change in our referral profile graph since florida 2004. Anyone else seeing major changes in referral numbers since the new serp layout last week?

(this is not about the algo update, but specifically with the new serp layout)

Not everyone in the thread thinks it has to do with the redesign. I personally checked a handful of sites and some of those sites are up in Google organic referrals since the design change and some are done. So it is hard to say.

Let's try to get a few hundred responses to this poll. Go ahead, take a look at your stats, compare May 6th through yesterday with the previous week and see if your organic Google referrals are up or down on average. Then take the poll below:

Now, go ahead and have your friends take the poll. I'll report back in a week with the results.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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AJ Kohn

05/11/2010 03:29 pm

Comparing this week versus last week may prove difficult since Mother's Day had a negative impact on traffic. I've seen no appreciable change in traffic since the redesign - but Sunday did show a precipitous drop across numerous sites.


05/11/2010 06:23 pm

I have to agree with the unfair comparison because of the holiday.. I do believe that this will have a negative affect in the future in terms of numbers, but I do believe that it will be more targeted.. :-)

Rob Abdul

05/12/2010 09:10 am

I noticed traffic go crazy. Image searches are up. No doubt due to the Left-Nav.


05/12/2010 12:11 pm

That's great I very much agree


05/12/2010 05:42 pm

Traffic is down for me about 25% and I've seen a 50% drop in traffic coming through from Adwords. One site is optimized for images, I'll check that, but otherwise traffic is down.


05/12/2010 07:42 pm

Image searches are less than 10% of what they were just two weeks ago. WOW, that's pretty horrific. I have over 15,000 images linked to my URL in Google Image Search and I've dropped 90%+ since May 6th.

Lee Whittaker

05/13/2010 06:45 am

I have a feeling this was freshness factor, people will be looking at the new serps layout and clicking around all the new options , once everyone gets used to the new layout things will get back to normal.


05/14/2010 08:32 pm

all my traffic are down about 15% since google did the redesign, that goes for all my blogs too.


05/25/2010 04:28 pm

Traffic down 40-50% across 4 b2b sites. Thought I was going nuts until this post put 2 and 2 together.

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