Augmented Reality, SEO's Next Frontier?

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Dixon Jones wrote a guest blog post at the adCenter Blog on Augmented Reality and SEO. He said, imagine the world with people wearing glasses that add a layer of information to what you are seeing in front of you.

For example, you walk down the street and as you walk, you get data streamed to your glasses that show you geo-specific information about where you are walking. The information can be things like the current list of movies and movie times at the theatre in front of you, or the current prices of eggs at the supermarket or an advertisement with a coupon for $1 off a cup of coffee or maybe landmark information?

Ironically, Google launched data overlays on Street Views this week. So I decided to paste fake glasses on a picture so you can visualize it.

augmented reality seo

That being said, SEOs will eventually and many are probably doing this already - they are optimizing their clients to be found in these places. Dixon explains:

Here's where the SEO comes in. The café owner wants you to stop at his café - regardless of the glasses and software you are running. He can train his team to be characters in the game player's dragon sequence, he can set up some data boards by the waterfall about the different theories on the evolution of the waterfall and mark these as further reading in the two pairs of glasses of the archaeology program and the Intelligent design program and - of course - I am sure he will be able to buy the ad-space to tell people that he has a café just over the brow of the cliff. Only one of these four channels to market represents PAID search marketing as we understand it today.

The other three will fall into the SEO category, influencing what the user sees, whenever they search in a related situation. They are all searching within alternative virtual universes, yet the café owner can still find a way to get the user off the bus and into their café.

Are you there?

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04/27/2010 12:49 pm

Interesting take on this subject. I think this is a logical step from optimizing for local business results etc. as it's done now. I'm not sure if this falls under SEO of if a bigger, wider name like Search Optimisation (SE) would be better suited, since people use more then search engines to find what they're looking for. .. hoping for some discussion ;)


04/28/2010 09:39 am

I'm failing a little to see the SEO side, would natural search be allowed any space in this concept when there is massive revenue to be made. Also, as I user I certainly would not like to walk down the street being bombarded with advertisements from every angle.


03/21/2011 02:36 am

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Sandy Eggi

03/19/2014 08:35 am

I am also interested in applying SEO for my augmented reality project as well. Good to know another opinion about this.

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