Google Wows Webmasters With New Search Reports with CTR

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Google has wowed webmasters with a new feature just added to Google Webmaster Tools, the Top Search Queries report. Not only did Google add more queries and neat charts, they also added impressions, clicks and click through rate data - yes on the organic search results. Not only does this really trump keyword ranking reports, but it also unveils how important being in the top three positions on

First let me show you an abstract of the reports for this web site.

New Google Webmaster Tools Reports

A closer look at a specific keyword's page position, impressions, click through, and click through rate. Plus it shows this detail based on the landing page of the search result:

New Google Webmaster Tools Reports

Here is a report where I filtered the report by a keyword phrase:

New Google Webmaster Tools Reports

It is pretty revealing looking at the CTR between the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and then lower positions.

Like I said, webmasters are really wowed by this report. Here are some comments from threads at WebmasterWorld, Google Webmaster Help and DigitalPoint Forums:

The most interesting webmaster information published to date.

Seriously, A++ move on Google's part.

Holy god that is amazing...

Forum discussion WebmasterWorld, Google Webmaster Help and DigitalPoint Forums.

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Justin Seibert

04/15/2010 01:53 pm

Barry - No doubt this is a great thing. The only thing I wanted to mention is that the data provided in GWT doesn't seem to match up exactly with GA, which makes me wonder about the accuracy of each.

Barrie Adams of Traphic

04/15/2010 04:09 pm

This is the best update to happen to WMT. Ever. And my point it the same as Justins, based on how skewed data was for 'Top Search Queries' before, I've read nothing to imply Google sorted this problem so I would be quite sceptical on the reported figures until the SEO community responds with some case studies.

Michael Martinez

04/15/2010 04:14 pm

It's a pity they continue to under-report traffic. Oh well. The pictures are always pretty at Google, if not very useful.

No Name

04/15/2010 04:33 pm

Thanks for the helpful update! It is important for SEO specialists and webmasters to share information with others than can be helpful! It's about time that Google added tools that allowed webmasters to view their CTR. The more options that allow us to analyze a website and optimize it correctly based on SEO best practices, the better. As an Internet marketing firm, this information is not only beneficial to our clients, but to our own business as well. Thanks for the resource and information! Keep up the good work!

Dave Eaves

04/15/2010 09:28 pm

Thanks for the info Barry, this is great news.


04/16/2010 12:48 pm

Thanks Barry for this great post... yesterday i tried to match my GA info but i cant seem to duplicated wit the info i see it on GWMT... on the other hand, no doubt its a great improvement to the GWMT and very high potential for future improvements. thanks again,, Wissam


06/15/2010 11:51 am

Search queries do not work well for my website actually they do not work at all


01/06/2011 12:12 am

I need to start using Google webmaster tools, feels like I'm missing on a lot!


04/01/2012 01:49 pm

You really should.

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