Will Twitter's Promoted Tweets Ad Model Work?

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Twitter announced how they plan to make money in the upcoming years, through promoted tweets!

Twitter Promoted Tweets

Twitter will monetize their Twitter.com search results pages with these promoted tweets. This is a lot like AdWords on Google web search results. But to me, it seems like these ads will be placed directly in the search stream's timeline.

In the future, they do plan to push these Promoted Tweets directly into user's timelines, not via the search results page. Twitter said:

We plan to allow Promoted Tweets to be shown by Twitter clients and other ecosystem partners and to expand beyond Twitter search, including displaying relevant Promoted Tweets in your timelines in a way that is useful to you.

This is primarily how Twitter plans on making money. Will it work? A WebmasterWorld thread has webmasters who are incredibly skeptical. One said, "I don't beleive Twitter will ever make money." An other said, "Users won't click on the Twitter Ads, just like they already don't click on the pointless and spammy Myspace and Facebook Ads."

Do you think Twitter's new ad model will keep them afloat?

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04/14/2010 12:48 pm

I think what people are forgetting is that Twitter have cleverly added in the "resonace" factor into Promoted Tweets. Unpopular promoted tweets are automatically weeded out, so their success is a self fulling prophecy. They also currently oppperate on a CPI system so they just need peopel to look at the Promoted Tweets to get money. Twitter have been very smart about this...

Mukul Verma

04/14/2010 01:09 pm

I think just like commercials on TV, Google or at the movies, we will become a custom to it. You can see a picture of it on my blog. As well a video explaining it.


04/14/2010 04:37 pm

I'm kind of having mixed thoughts about this. Businesses today are already using Twitter as a form of advertising. I want to say that 75% of the tweets I see everyday are in some shape or form, advertising. Now that Twitter wants to cash in on their business, will this increase and encourage more businesses to participate or will this reduce the amount of spam we see?

Luke Jones

04/14/2010 09:35 pm

Honestly, I can't see a company like Twitter making a bad decision about advertising.

Geoff Jackson (zigojacko)

04/16/2010 09:28 am

Twitter's Promoted Tweets has a mass amount of potential, whether the guys at Twitter can capitalise on the opportunities is another matter however. I would like to see the platform support geo-targeted ads thus giving an excellent opportunity for local business advertising targeted relevant ads to their followers in their local area. With the ever expanding usage of Twitter on mobile devices with apps such as Tweetie, now has never been a better time for a targeted advertising model whilst people are on the move. It will be interesting to see how the Resonance scoring will work, will this be the new Quality Score? This has the potential to build a ton of factors into the relevancy and scoring of ads... *what is the criteria to be eligible to advertise on pTweets? *Is distance from user to local advertiser RS factor? *Will dynamic PPC parameters be available {keyword} and {hashtag}? *Will common spam keywords be allowed (viagra, gambling, porn etc)? This needs to be clamped down on... *Distribution of ads for competing advertisers bidding on same keywords? Other potential RS factors:- *Twitter activity *Twitter recency *Follower count/influence *Verified account vs normal account (priority service)? More can be read on this here - http://www.clubnetsearchmarketing.co.uk/twitter-deploy-advertising-service-bid-monetise-platform/506

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