The UK Bing Ads : Here Is a Video

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As many of you know, Microsoft is conducting a major ad blitz in the UK in order to capture market share for Bing, their search engine.

Bing's product manager sent me a link to one of the new commercials, which is now on YouTube. Here is a video of the new commercial:

What do you think? It looks similar to the US commercials, just with UK accents.

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03/10/2010 03:55 pm

I think it's bogus. Essentially MICROSOFT is claiming SEARCH RELEVANCY as their USP. My reaction is a mixture of blinking in mouth-agape wonderment and snort-laughing hard enough to induce a nosebleed. Baloney, pure baloney. Ads like this may work from a marketing perspective, but the only people who don't find what they want on a REAL search engine like Google don't have a 2nd grader's clue how to actually USE one. Bing has and will certainly continue to make slight inroads into the market, but Google has little to worry about at present. Bing's REAL "USP" is a bunch of gimmicky features that actually detract from the user experience IMO.

Michael Martinez

03/10/2010 06:57 pm

Tom, why do you feel threatened by Bing? Are you afraid the next commercial will say, "We are the Bing. Your culture provides value we desire. Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is irrelevant."


03/12/2010 05:34 am

i think this post have some errors about data. plz review it

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