Do You Use Search Operators To Find Link Opportunities?

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A WebmasterWorld thread started by forum administrator, engine, wrote:

A webmaster I spoke to today was after a simple way to find new link opportunities. I mentioned something to him, which was to try using Google's related: feature

It worked for him, does it work for you?

The single response so far said that they do not use search operators anyone. They have other strategies to get links. This one, in particular, said he creates "a list of the biggest, baddest websites in my niche and find a way to get a link from them." Can't you use advanced search operators to discover those sites? I guess you don't need to.

My question to you, do you use search operators, such as related and so on, to find linking opportunities?

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03/09/2010 01:16 pm

This should be a no brainer for any reputable link building organization..

Michael Martinez

03/09/2010 06:06 pm

Yes. on't waste time doing it.

Michael Martinez

03/09/2010 08:04 pm

A lot of people do it, although I don't think the poll asks the question properly. Really, it should be a survey that digs deeper into why people are using the advanced search operators in their link building. If you're trying to figure out where to seek links, of course you want to build a list of Suspect/Prospect sites that are relevant to the links you want. When you're breaking into a new field, doing some queries makes sense. But some people are just looking for the links that competitive sites have gotten. That's a terrible approach to link building. You should just focus on finding sites that are suitable for linking to your site and not fuss over what other people have done.

Guillermo Ortiz

07/06/2011 03:46 pm

This is one of the few areas of SEO that a lot of people don't really go into too much detail.

Guillermo Ortiz

07/06/2011 03:47 pm

This is one of the few areas of SEO that a lot of people don't go into deeply, and with good reason.

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