Report: Google To Launch Caffeine Index In Upcoming "Months"

Feb 26, 2010 • 3:10 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Land's Matt McGee reports Google will be launching the Caffeine index update, the one many believe is already live, in the upcoming months.

He received a statement from Google saying:

We expect to roll it out to all data centers over the coming months.

Why didn't it launch after the holidays? What is the hold up with Caffeine launching? Google sent a statement about that:

We run lots of tests with this big a change to our infrastructure. We want the new system to meet or exceed the abilities of our current system, and it can take time to ensure that everything looks good.

Again, many people will swear it is live. It is live, but only in one of the many Google data centers. So just be patient and hopefully it will go live before Bing powers Yahoo fully.

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scott Moir

02/26/2010 04:32 pm

As you know Google Caffeine is an algorithm revision. A major revision when compared to their continuous year round refinements. One that emphasizes 'real time' results. Which is why it was announced in the first place. Many parts of this revision are already functioning. The proof is on the monitor. Super Searchers have dutifully noted them. Live Twitter feeds are just one example. I believe, and it makes sense from the perspective of Google's proprietary business model, that the 'roll out' refers to additional Caffeine 'outside the hood' enhancements. Meaning- Many of Caffeine's 'inside the hood' changes have already been implemented. It's the 'outside the hood' changes -New Screen Format/Search options- that haven't gone live on all data centers that are still being tweaked. I've personally witnessed this new Google format and have a screen shot of it. It's definitely an impressive change. So what I'm wondering, and maybe you can be kind enough to shed some light on this, is why do so many people expect Google Caffeine to just instantly appear without gradually introducing their 'inside the hood' changes? In conclusion. From a Search Engine Optimization perspective it's the 'inside the hood' changes such as Accuracy/Relevancy that matter most. Because these can effect page ranking and SERP's. Wouldn't you agree? The 'outside the hood' changes- Format/Search options- are still important from an SEO standpoint but relate more to the Google search user experience. And as we know, enhancing search user experience is and always has been, the number 1 priority of Google. So taking their time to get that part maximized makes complete sense. Maybe I should’ve just written an article given the length of this response? I probably will. Scott Moir

Michael Martinez

02/26/2010 06:29 pm

"As you know Google Caffeine is an algorithm revision." Um, NO, it's an INFRASTRUCTURE revision. They modify the algorithm quite often.

scott moir

02/26/2010 07:07 pm

Um, did you read my next sentence: "A major revision when compared to their continuous year round refinements." Um, technically it's both. May you prosper and live a healthy life. And hopefully when you write articles at SEO Theory you avoid the use of "Um". Seriously.. Best regards, Scott Moir >>"As you know Google Caffeine is an algorithm revision." >>Um, NO, it's an INFRASTRUCTURE revision. They modify the algorithm quite often

Michael Martinez

02/28/2010 03:23 am

Um, technically you have no clue as to what Caffeine is.

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