Poll: 60% of Google AdSense Publishers Say Earnings Down

Feb 17, 2010 • 8:38 am | comments (10) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

A bit over a week ago, we reported that AdSense publishers were complaining about lower earnings. So to get a better and wider count of those who agree that earnings are indeed down, I ran a quick poll.

We had just over 85 responses to the poll and I wanted to share the results.

I asked, Have Your AdSense Earnings Dropped in February, from January?

51 people or 59.3% said Yes, 31 people or 36% said No and 4 people had other things to say. Here is the chart:

AdSense Earnings Poll

So what do you make of this?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Andy Merrett

02/17/2010 10:44 pm

How can you compare February to January when we're still in February?

Adnan Ahmed

02/18/2010 07:35 am

Why Google is reducing Adsense share continuously?

Rinaldi Syahran

02/18/2010 08:42 am

sad news, surprising and disappointing many people. Because everyone does not want their income falls.


02/18/2010 12:37 pm

Andy, you compare by looking at your daily earnings and getting an average. How hard is that?


02/18/2010 02:49 pm

My adsense income is WAY down, probably almost 80%. Good thing I wasn't depending on it to live on, because I don't know what I'd do!


02/18/2010 06:14 pm

The data is meaningless as it stands. To make any conclusion we would need to know if adsense traffic is down or is the average CPC earned through adSense down? Either there is less traffic or Google is sharing less.


02/19/2010 03:35 pm

In January, I noticed a marked decrease in my site's adsense revenue by 1/3 while experiencing a 30-40% increase in traffic. THAT is disheartening to say the least. I worked so hard to increase traffic because my adsense revenue always increased proportionating. Now my earnings has gone back to where it was a couple years ago. I've been searching this topic and no one seems to have an answer. I guess there are no answers, just lower adsense revenue. I think they just drastically cut the amount they are sharing, my traffic is exploding and adsense is paltry.

Doesn't Matter

02/19/2010 07:27 pm

Beverly, Increasing traffic via writing content, that draws traffic from the search engines TO THAT page is a good tactic for increasing traffic, clicks, and earning. Drawing traffic to all home page is not so good, the page can't be about every keyword, right? I've had the same problem. Start optimizing posts for individual keywords (only one or two per post) and keep the main page your root word or group of key words.


02/19/2010 11:13 pm

Even down payment to partner is gone

Shad Vick

08/10/2010 06:44 pm

Advertising and spend in general are down. Sales in general are down, etc. etc. Since the turn in the economy - many industries have suffered because small business (the majority of the advertisers) have less to spend. When advertisers stop publishing ads or reducing their spend on ads - then publishers (you and I) will see a drop in ad revenue. This is because Google will have to also sell publishing spots for less as there is not enough competition in the market to sustain full price. In my humble opinion.

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