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Susan Moskwa, a Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, posted a thread at the Google Webmaster Help forums announcing a new tool her husband created. The tool is named canonicalizable tool and it basically shows you potential canonicalization issues with your home pages. Here is a screen shot:

Canonicalizable Tool

What I find interesting, and this is not new, but honestly, it is new to me. Susan Moskwa's husband is the lead developer of the LinkScape tools at SEOmoz. His name is Nick Gerner, so when Susan posted in the Google Webmaster Help , it sparked my interest:

My hubby threw together this tool this weekend:


What do y'all think? Useful? What else does it need? Obviously I'm biased but I'm sure he'd love feedback. :)

In any event, the tool looks clean and simple and useful.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Nick Gerner

01/20/2010 09:19 pm

Thanks for the post :) The tool is open source, and I'd be more than happy to have other people pick it up, modify it, install it elsewhere. http://github.com/gerner/canonicalizable

Jaan Kanellis

01/21/2010 02:55 am

The tool seems to get confused on double 301 redirects and throws a red flag without following the next 301 redirect and see where it is going.

Nick Gerner

01/21/2010 06:18 pm

@Jaan Kanellis that's a reasonable point, and you're right. However, long chains (even longer than one) are both rare and could (not definitely) be an issue.


01/22/2010 02:18 am

chained redirects are bad aren't they?

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