Selling SEO: Pitching Page Rank As a Metric Over Conversions?

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An interesting Cre8asite Forums thread has discussion started by someone looking to hire an SEO company. The person is responsible to find an SEO company that can achieve his CEO's requirements. The issue this person has is that no-reputable SEO company would guarantee rankings (that is his qualifier). So if you cannot use rankings as a metric when trying to measure one SEO proposal to another, what do you use?

Clearly, in my mind, SEO is often (not always) about fixing sites that were built in an not search engine friendly manner. But SEO has adapted to conversions and increasing sales not just by building new leads, but building targeted leads that will convert.

The issue is, when a CEO hires someone to improve their search engine listings - they want to see improved search engine listings. If no-reputable SEO company can guarantee rankings, then what is one to do? How can you convince your CEO to hire an SEO company based on no guarantees? How can you hire an SEO company that will guarantee SEO rankings?

This dilemma is nothing new to the SEO space - but I thought I cover it again, in light of this thread.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums?

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01/18/2010 05:50 pm

We have been providing Search Engine Marketing Services on a Pay Per Performance basis for about a year now. Not based on rankings, but based on actual results. That is Sales or Leads.

Pat Williams

08/12/2010 03:59 am

I have a new business and am trying to wrap my mind around all the different aspects of seo and how to get my site the best exposure. I read articles and blogs and I think I understand it all and then I keep reading and realize I really don't. I am thinking of hiring an <a href="" rel="nofollow">seo firm</a> to take the reigns and do it all for me. Any recommendations?

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