Google AdWords Refund Bug for Pre-Pay Advertisers

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There are always complaints from Google AdWords advertisers about not being able to be refunded for one reason or another. A new Google AdWords Help thread reports the issue in detail, with the use of a video.

Google said there is a bug with refunding advertisers who have used pre-paid account. AdWordsPro Sarah said:

The reason you are unable to cancel your account is because there is a bug affecting some prepay advertisers that prevents us from issuing a full refund when you cancel your account. We are aware of the issue and should have it fixed shortly- at which time you can close your account and get your money back.

About 1 minute and 15 seconds into the video it shows the issue with getting a refund:

Again, this is a Google bug they acknowledge. They said they will fix it soon, but there is currently no ETA for that.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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Kim Clink

01/14/2010 12:24 pm

Nice Post Rusty Brick. I sure do hope this gets resolved soon because there are some really angry members in the adwords help forum. Not only does there seem to be a 'refund bug' but also a 'cancellation bug' that may be effecting advertisers who just want out. The option to cancel is not appearing in accounts. Perhaps this is a related issue to the 'refund bug'. Take Care! Kim


12/02/2010 04:58 am

I am having the same exact problems with Google. I have followed the dead end advice in the above video many times in the past few weeks. Needless to say, it was to no avail. The closest I got was posting on their help forum, and by closest, I mean I got some useless, regurgitated response from a real person I'm guessing is affiliated with Google. I started the post with the obvious steps I followed to get refunded in an attempt to avoid wasting his/her time making a list of useless steps, which I stated I had tried. The poster still gave some generic answer basically repeating the paragraph I wrote explicitly stating didn't work. I had already made clear I had tried the above and simply wanted some unknown, new ideas. According to their logic, an ineffectual, inadequate, impractical response is better than no response at all. As it stands today, I still have money in my Google Adwords account, and it's looking like my only option is to pay an insane amount of money for clicks to an already mediocre converting landing page. -Derek P.S. Google services not rendered = Permanent, non-withdrawable bank account


01/20/2011 07:07 pm

There is NO BUG. They are a greedy as hell business. If they can build a 'super company' they can surely fix a 'refund bug' within an hour. It's all a matter of do they want to.

c botes

04/19/2011 10:13 am

This was posted in Jan 2010 - it is now April 2011 and it is still not fixed. I'm extremely frustrated with Google Adwords for not refunding my outstanding amount, after trying for months now.


02/03/2012 01:58 am

I have got as far as Google emailing me that my refund is in process and was actioned on January 7th 2012 and will be refunded to XXXX debit card within 21-28 days.  Well the 28 days expires tomorrow and nothing.   I am sure this is totally illegal.  We pay in advance and they cannot refund or if you manage to go through many hoops and loops and actually have a refund actioned why it should not be instant..... or was this a ploy to shut me up for a month and now I have to start over!

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