Google: Christianity is Absurd & Stupid

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I am using an extreme title here to illustrate a point. We have a searcher come to the Google Webmaster Help forums and complain about the search results for a search on Google for [christianity is]. The results are mostly informational but you have a few results which are negative. I cropped this image to show only some of the negative-like results:

Christianity is Absurd & Stupid?

The person said, "I have never been so mad in my life. We have enough problems in the United States without Google slamming Christianity!"

When will people learn that this is not Google slamming Christianity? Well, maybe what set this person off is that Google wouldn't say Merry Christmas on Christmas? But still, these are the Google search results. Brin, Page and Schmidt aren't sitting down and saying, hmm - I hate Christians and I want to place these results there simply to tick them off.

There are just so many cases like this, for all religions. It comes down to education, which is a hard thing to do.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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01/08/2010 01:18 pm

Sorry Barry, this is human curated


01/08/2010 01:51 pm

"The person said, "I have never been so mad in my life. We have enough problems in the United States without Google slamming Christianity!"' Doesn't fake jesus teach people to love and forgive? He is not real christain than anyway.


01/08/2010 02:12 pm

why do you even care? you should also ask what's with not showing any suggestions about 'jews', good or bad

Barry Schwartz

01/08/2010 02:31 pm

Maciek, (1) I don't care, I am just reporting popular topics from the forums. (2) A search for Jew shows some pretty bad stuff.


01/08/2010 03:31 pm

Funny how a search for "Islam is" doesn't bring up anything like that:

Jonatan Zinger

01/08/2010 08:45 pm

Barry, I know this absolutely misses your point (people should learn that Google is algorithm-based and no one is sitting in a room defining search results), but a Google search for "jew" returns (other than some pretty bad stuff) a sponsored result with this explanation by Google: So Google is taking the time and effort to justify the results for "jew", but not for "christianity is", "islam" or "i hate kittens" I'm Jewish, and still believe this is offensive not to Jews or other religions, but to everyone's intelligence. In this particular case, Google is behaving pretty much on the same line of thought as the guy on your example.


01/08/2010 08:48 pm

Why can so many absurdities against Christianity be found when entering "Chritianity is" on Google search and when entering "Islam is" there are a very limited amount of opposing views to Islam? This is not a good sign.


01/09/2010 03:12 am

I guess we are taking this debate to very wrong point :) This is an seo forum/blog not some religious debate center. Talking about queries, there are worst cases than that in Google's Suggestion Feature. Just search for weired google suggest or funny google suggest and you will be quite amazed on Google's intelligence :) So the point is Its not a manual process. It's just an automated process.


01/09/2010 12:34 pm

cowards say that shit about the towel heads screw you


01/09/2010 01:04 pm

Since Jesus walked the earth, the controversy to disprove his diety and teachings has raged. Yet, lives are changed for the better in a lasting manner, not a fluke. Christ will always be the answer to a better life for those who will accept him and follow his teachings and the love that He shows us from God, our father. Don't waste time argueing about spiritual beliefs that only those called by the Holy Spirit can truely understand.


01/09/2010 04:58 pm

At least the "Islam is" phrase has been hand edited. Note - you don't get the drop down feature in the search box when you type it in. Make your own judgment.

Beverly Mapes

01/11/2010 02:27 pm

The solution from the original searcher's point of view (and others who do not like the results they receive) seems so obvious and simple -- put up good content about what "christianity is" to them (or "Jew" or "Islam"), let others online know about, link to, and interact with that content, and subsequently become more popular than what is currently showing on the SERP. This will push those less desirable results down the list. It isn't about what Google likes or does not like here, it's about the term's popularity with the most online users as determined by Google's algorithm. It would be far worse if Google started adding bias or their particular religious views into its search results.

No Name

01/11/2010 05:23 pm

If you do a check with "religion" + is they generally appear blank...except for christianity the good news last I checked no christian fatwa's have been passed against Google. But they better do it soon! I'm sure this is high up on the Google agenda. According to a search by web traffic, they should be terrified of the hordes of angry users. Search Traffic Stats: christian - 55600000 islam - 7480000 muslim - 4090000 christianity - 3350000 jew - 1500000 judaism - 1220000 Searchengineman

No Name

01/15/2010 08:13 pm

Google's auto suggestion. Is this a case of selective censorship or a bug in the software program?

Ashrit Mathew George

04/08/2010 03:59 am

MyDear friends I'm an Indian, a christian. I never used to follow Christ or care about any of it till 2 years ago. Now i think reason and believe. Why are we judging a religion according to the dropdown options in Google. its all technology. BUT One thing is true. Christianity is NOT A RELIGION. It is a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. You look any other world views or religion, they cannot give an answer to the question of 1) Origin 2) Meaning 3) Purpose 4) Destiny of our life. And NO OTHER religion can explain to you better about SUFFERING in our lives than Christ. For HE suffered for you and me. HE DIED for you and me. And HE ROSE AGAIN victorious so that whoever believes in HIM will Live With HIM in HIM. Christianity/ Christ is no fake. You go through the Bible and compare it with the History and you will find the accuracy of the Bible. Approx 99% of the bible have been researched and found accurate. its a book of 66 books written by more than 100 Authors. But interestingly, whenyou read it its as if it was written by One person, One who existed all through those times, One who was there when all those things happened. GOD. God wrote the Bible for us THROUGH the People of God so that we can have access to God. Bible is not about how we can reach God, its about How God has reached out to us !! God Bless You


06/03/2011 08:11 pm

You have a very simplified view of search engines.  There was a time when the idea you have expressed did define search results.  NOW search results are most definately controlled by the web engine.  That is why people now pay to be on the top of the lists.

Jacob Ford

06/05/2011 05:18 pm

 If Christianity weren't a religion, saints would have never taken it to India and America would have never come in to being, so either way your sweet "personal relationship" with Jesus (youve obviously been hanging out with American evangelicals) would not be possible without the Roman Catholic Church (just like every form of Christianity that exists how it is, who knows what would have happened otherwise, but if your form of Christianity exists it most assuredly mutated at some point from the Universal Church).

Jacob Ford

06/05/2011 05:24 pm

And you're right, Larry and Sergei are busy spending billions of dollars on decadence and sleeping with beautiful women. They leave the Christianity hate to the low level engineers who most certainly are the individuals responsible for "Islam is" returning about half negative and half positive results and Christianity returning all negative results. Part of this is that welfare case secularist atheist Nietzche/Freud/Darwin uneducated fanbois having so much spare time to display their extreme hatred for Christ which obviously pollutes the search results. Still this happens to Barry Obama, conservatives of every stripe and any other number of topics not even a fraction of the importance of worldwide Christianity and Google manages to get a handle on that. No, this is plain and simple a manifestation of the stupidity of most computer science geniuses when it comes to philosophy, theology or anything that doesn't involve being a math obsessed dork. When you're benighted and ignorant on a subject, say religion, its easy to come to Hitler-like conclusions such as "man if these religious people would all just die and everyone listened to Freud the world would know peace". Without know it you guys have in fact created your own mutation of religion, coming from the West as you do you thus copy Christianity. Therefore you have your heaven (environmentally friendly non Christian world), diverse saints (Barry Obama, Freud, the Sanger chick who loved murdering black babies) and your fundamentalist elements that aggravate for the demise of their self identified enemies. So why the majority of us poor saps are off at soup lines doing silly sh*t like charity (which it is statistically proven we do in much greater numbers than you) you guys are planning our demise...and yet you always accuse us of being the chuckling evil villain!

Chris Tillberg

04/01/2013 07:55 am

No Screw you stupid Atheist piece of shit Google you damn Communist bitches!! I don't support a Greedy Company such as yourself GOOGLE!

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