Yahoo Paid Inclusion Still Live?


Yahoo's paid inclusion program was suppose to end on December 31st. But some are reporting in a WebmasterWorld thread that the paid inclusion results are still in the Yahoo Search index.

I have not looked myself, but this person is saying the paid inclusion (search submit) URLs are still in the index. He said:

I still see all the paid spots working.

This can be for two reasons:

(1) Yahoo's Search Submit product is still indeed active.


(2) Yahoo indexed the special search submit URLs and they show up in the free listings as free?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

01/04/2010 07:48 pm

I remember paying $299 for paid inclusion, and them not accepting me. Personally I am glad that the Yahoo directory isn't that much of a factor anymore. The reason I didn't get accepted? I compared my directory prices to Yahoos... LOL a nub mistake...

John Maher

01/05/2010 04:24 am

Some paid inclusion URLs are still showing up. Found this tweet from @szolosi


01/05/2010 10:49 pm

Yahoo SSP is still showing a few listings mostly because of the nature of the Feeds Product. It takes as much as 48 hours to update the feed and have the Yahoo algo not include these URLs. Most clients are not seeing as clicks come through as of this morning.

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