Google Alerts Gone Wild?

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I am a big time user of Google Alerts, I just don't use them via email - but rather via RSS. Some users are reporting in both a DigitalPoint Forums thread and WebmasterWorld thread that Google Alerts seemed to have just gone a bit out of hand.

Tedster from WebmasterWorld said:

I've also been getting some peculiar Alerts again - and in some cases they are things that should have been sent a while back. I'm not seeing any impact on the SERPs from these new pages, however.

Netmeg added:

Yea, my Alerts have gone nutso over the past few days to a week.

A DigitalPoint member said:

The last 5 days I have been getting about about 5 or 6 emails a day, when I just used to get the odd one here and there.

Each email also has about 4 or 5 links

Like I said, I don't get these alerts via email - so I don't really notice the issue. Do you?

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

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Melissa - SEO Aware

12/14/2009 01:31 pm

I have 6 alerts set up and I am getting on average 14 emails a day! Today I got one from an image of mine that was on amazon! Maybe they are getting better at finding things???

Richard Vaughan

12/14/2009 01:32 pm

yeah they've gone a bet mental over the weekend. On Fiday also received a different font or layout than normal in the email.


12/14/2009 08:06 pm

I noticed a fair number of links that were really bogus in the past week. Also a good way to help cut down on the number of Email alerts is change to a Google Reader Feed. Watch out for those pirates!


12/15/2009 06:30 pm

I recently received an alert from a file that's been online for 2 years!


12/15/2009 08:05 pm

It's weird. It appears that within the last couple of weeks, Google has begun reporting Google Adwords ads where your term shows up. Perhaps they're hoping for advertisers to open up their content network side.

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