Google Begins Banning AdWords Advertisers Again: December '09 Big Ban

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As you know, Google promised to ban AdWords advertisers at a higher rate and began doing so in late September and throughout November but promised to really step it up later last month.

I spotted a new thread at Google AdWords Help which has what appears to be dozens of advertisers who started getting banned yesterday, December 3rd, at the stroke of midnight. So when it turned into December 3rd, it seems like a bunch of automatic bans just went out and impacted tons of advertisers. There are also ongoing discussion about these bans at WebmasterWorld.

So it looks like a new Google strike on AdWords advertisers has come down.

Here is a copy of a ban email from Google these days:

Dear advertiser,

We are writing to let you know that your Google AdWords account has been disabled due to one or more serious violations of our advertising policies related to Landing Page and Site Quality. As a result, your ads will no longer run through the Google AdWords system and we are unable to accept advertising from you in the future. Please note that future accounts you open will also be disabled.

As part of our commitment to making the AdWords experience safe and effective for our users and our advertisers, we routinely review the landing pages that our advertisers promote through our search and content networks. If we find that an advertiser has submitted a landing page that egregiously violates our policies, we reserve the right to take immediate account-level action.

Landing pages advertised via AdWords must have relevant, original content, and must be transparent about the nature of the business being promoted. Further, advertising certain types of sites will lead to immediate account disabling. These types of sites include, but are not limited to:

* Sites that charge users or collect personal information in exchange for a product that is never delivered * Sites that charge for "free" software * Sites that trick users into paying for fake or poor-quality content * Sites that charge users for information that makes unrealistic promises of financial or personal gain * Sites that install malware software on a visitor's computer

Please note that this action is related to sites that have recently been advertised through your account. In a review of your account history, we found that your account had submitted a least one site that egregiously violated our advertising policies. Although you may have removed these sites since our latest review, advertisers that have a history of promoting these types of sites are still subject to account-level disabling.

You can review our Advertising Policies, including our Landing Page and Site Quality guidelines, by visiting: You may also review the complete AdWords Terms & Conditions here: In addition, our FAQ about Account Disablings can be found here:

If you have additional questions or concerns not addressed by our policies or help center, you can contact support by replying to this email.


The Google AdWords team

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help & WebmasterWorld.

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Dale, Brian D.

12/04/2009 05:39 pm

What brought this about?Even if someone is banned, they can get their Adwords Account back..seriously..SEO please let me help BANNED people by letting them contact me.


12/05/2009 07:03 pm

Somebody at Google should really take some sort of action because a lot of the automatic bans are just wrong. I got banned before, and then got an email from them saying they were wrong banning me, but now I got banned again! And I didn't change anything. Something is really wrong.. You can read the whole story on my blog if you like.

oram jackson

12/05/2009 11:34 pm

I recently got an adwords account I was selling software from a company thats has been in bussiness for a few years.The software alllows you to copy dvd movies , goggle sends me letter saying thansk for advertising with us but your ads do not meet our guldlines change them. I change the ads I get anotehr letter saying the product violtaes there terms of service and I am in danger of banning . If they has just told me that in the first plac I had dropped the software. I freaked dropped all my ads waited weeks in fear not wanting to run more ran a couple more ads on software for making web pages and an appliance I got banned yesterday for the previous violations . Google are screwing up making big money and I think that there people are banning marketers so they can sell there products themselves what happend to me was needless.


12/07/2009 05:49 am

Dale, I read your reply about helping people get their suspended accounts back. I am very curious to know how. Perhaps you can contact me. My e-mail is


12/07/2009 08:16 pm

Dale, I would like to know also how could you help us get the account back?


12/08/2009 03:11 am

Good on Google. I admire them and respect their effort to clean up the net. Think about it. How many millions of dollars are they losing when the ban all of thees scammers? They have an agenda and I am with them. The criminals and scum on the net should be banned. Get rid of them! Good for you Google!!


12/11/2009 05:18 pm

Dale, I read your post above and I would really like to be able to get my account back. Can you email me?

Irfan Anasri

12/23/2009 01:07 pm

hey everybody!! Be aware, once account has been suspended/disabled, nobody can get that enabled again. so please use sense and don't contact anybody for getting your account enabled again, If you don't want to become a Scam victim. *An Honest & Sincere Advise* Irfan Ansari


12/25/2009 04:04 pm

You can open a new account if you're smart. Register a new LLC. Open a PO Box. You'll need a new IP address and clean computer, so get a VPS server for $20/month and log in to it via Windows Remote for accessing Adwords. Open your new account with your new biz name and address, and only access Adwords via the VPS. Done.

Eric Kunz

01/21/2010 07:54 am

I tried what Alb recommended in the above post, however, it did not work. After 1 week, my Adwords account was suspended again. I am very upset, as Adwords keeps suspending my accounts. I created this Adwords Banned solution blog. Check it out if you have been banned as well.


01/23/2010 07:00 am

Dale read your comment would like some of your help please mail me thanks David


03/17/2010 11:06 am

I was banned as well. My business and my life now turned into a real nightmare. I tried several times to open a new account. But no luck. I am sure there must be a way how to open a new Adwords account. Check out my Adwords "solution" blog:


11/28/2010 12:50 am

To successfully opening a new account without the risk of being banned again you need: - A new IP address; - A new computer; - A new domain registered in a different business or person's name (whois privacy protection does not work with Google); - New credit card with different billing address (can be a new business with a P.O. box address); - Host the new site on a new host - this is where most people get screwed, they register the new domain then put it on the same shared account with the other sites that were in the old account, doesn't work! - Write completely new ads - do not copy anything from your old campaings; - Do not access Gmail, AdSense or anything related to your old account from your new computer. reserve this new computer to access only the new AdWords account and don't use the same internet connection (same IP) to connect the other computers in youe household that have access to all these things that connect you to the old account, especially Gmail. - Do not copy the old site files to the new one. Create a completely new site as if it's a competitors site (if you're still selling/advertising the same stuff). - The best option if possible is to open a business and rent a very small business place (or a room in a virtual office space), then only access your new AdWords account from a new laptop inside this room. of course you can't screw up sending people to the same site or anything that looks like your old site, so create something completely new, new domain, new host and there's no way in hell Google will be able to find you! Remember that it all happens automatically, if a robot can't connect your old account with the new one, your safe.


02/24/2011 01:52 am

How? I would like my account back and do not know whay they baned me permanently. I never get eny mail about enithing wrong? Please if you have eny posibility Regards S

Nick Bernhard

11/10/2011 08:28 pm

Good advice in the comments. We'd like to invite all of you that have been through the Google Ban to help out others at Thanks, and good luck!

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