Sesame Street Count(s) Day 6 Trumps Berlin Wall Logo

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Today, if you visit, you will see Count Von Count as the Google logo (doodle) on the home page. This is the 6th day, and 11th Sesame Street logo, Google has posted in celebrating of Sesame Street's 40th anniversary. We have all the Sesame Street logos that have currently been posted over here.

Like, I said, today's logo is Count Von Count, another lovable Sesame Street logo:

count von count google

But today, if you visit, you will see a logo commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago, on November 9, 1989.

Berlin Wall on Google

Personally, I felt it would be best to stop with Elmo, yesterday, on Sunday. There are several people upset that Google has not made the Berlin Wall logo more prominent by posting it on all of Google's properties. Especially since Google is on their 6th day and 11th logo for Sesame Street's 40th anniversary, which was 6 days ago. There are even some people upset Elmo usurped UK's Remembrance Sunday.

Clearly, Google likes to show fun logos over sad ones. But 6 days of Sesame Street?

Forum discussion at several threads at Google Web Search Help.

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11/09/2009 04:09 pm

How can a logo of the fall of the Berlin Wall be sad? ;-)

Barry Schwartz

11/09/2009 04:14 pm

It is not, but it is not a 'light hearted' logo either.


11/09/2009 05:08 pm

The "sad" logo is discussed in Germany, too. A better one would have been <a href="">this alternative</a> design.


11/09/2009 05:09 pm

Just to clarify, the Sesame Street Anniversary is on November 10 (tomorrow) so the last week of Sesame Street Logos have been more or less a countdown to tomorrow. Not that this changes the point of the article, but Google's decision to post Sesame Street logos makes more sense to me knowing when the anniversary is.


11/09/2009 05:15 pm

But Sesame Street is a product of our ever-controlling government, and Google loves to cozy up to governments to keep from getting sued like Microsoft.

No Name

11/09/2009 05:34 pm

One suspects that the Google Gurus believe nothing can be wrong with celebrating Sesame Street. The Fall of the Wall is such an huge milestone for a lot of us over 40 though. But...Google is pursuing a younger demographic, they will probably stay focused there. Maybe we can have Big Bird kicking the wall over?


11/09/2009 07:34 pm

I agree - enough of the Sesame Street. Remembrance day and the fall of the Berlin wall are much more important dates to commemorate. Google always seem to choose weird anniversaries nobody really cares about.

Liam Shepherd

11/10/2009 02:00 pm

@No Name regardless of what demographic Google is targeting Rememberance Sunday is a day that should never be forgotten. Despite whether your patriotic or not to remember all those lives lost from all nationalities at the end of the first world war.

Diana Trimble

11/11/2009 09:36 am

I think it ws incredibly lame not to feature the wall - it was a JOYOUS occasion of super historical importance. I believe they did it cuz they're money-buddies with China now and as the last major communist power in the world they probably aren't showing the celebrations of the fall of communism in Europe.

Diana Trimble

11/11/2009 09:40 am

And also - the comment about "younger demographics" makes no sense: it is the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street but the 20th of the fall of the wall. So unless you are currently 5 years old, in which case you don't care how long Sesame Street has been around, there's no way you don't know about the Berlin Wall. Besides, since when is pandering to ignorance a good thing. (Answer: when it's all about money honey.)


11/11/2009 12:36 pm

There is no reason why the Seasme Street Anniversary should even compare to Rememberance Day! That is a disgrace!! We all should be ashamed! What our Veterans Gave for us - is something that should be remembered more than once a year - there are so few left from the WWII ... what was Google thinking - I am guessing either they were not thinking at all!!

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