Bing adCenter To Try Favicons in Search Ads

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Yesterday I wrote about a MediaPost report claiming Microsoft Bing will be the next search engine to try favicons and images in search ads.

Google tested favicons in AdWords and so did Yahoo search ads. Google Japan even went large with those icons in the ads. Plus Google tested them in the normal free/organic results.

Matt Cutts told me yesterday that AltaVista also had these, as an extra paid option to their search ads.

Alta Vista Favicons

So that goes way back in time.

I have not seen examples of Microsoft Bing testing these favicons in the adCenter search ads. Not yet at least, have you?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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09/22/2009 06:18 pm

I've been waiting to check their tested favicon in search ads. Sadly I could not :(

No Name

09/23/2009 11:43 am

and all will get smaller and smaller!and we will all need glasses!

No Name

09/28/2009 10:58 am

Those ads seem to contain too much info.


05/19/2011 03:33 pm

 mm .. no see any action taken after almost 2 years?

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