Google's Flying Saucer Logos Lead to H.G. Wells

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If you visit Google today, you will notice a very interesting Google Doodle. The Doodle is designed to honor H.G. Wells, whose 143rd birthday would be today. Who is he? He wrote the 1898 classic, The War of the Worlds and is often referred to as "The Father of Science Fiction."

Here is the logo:

HG Wells Google Logo

What is unique about this logo, compared to other logos is that Google had two previous logos leading up to this one, kind of hinting that this was coming.

The first was the missing O Google logo:


The second was the missing L Google logo:

goog_e - google crop circles

The logos themselves did not hint to what was coming, but with aids from Google's Twitter account, @Google, some people were able to crack the code.

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09/22/2009 02:10 pm

Would it be safe to assume that this heightened homepage design activity (and buzz) has come about as a result of the growing buzz around Bing's daily changing homepage?

Prof J Paul De Vierville

09/22/2009 06:50 pm

I like your observations and comments. You have insight with the curious, mysterious as well as anomalous, especially the Crop Circle phenomena. So if you would be so kind, please take a FURTHER look at this summer 09 crop circle image that was "doodled" "doogled” or "goodeld" by pressing down living standing wheat in a formation of five lines of forms over 1000 feet long at Alto Barnes in Wiltshire, England this summer June 21/22 solstice and a week later. What is being strung and sung in these impressive forms of lines, circles, curves, boxes and meanders? Might this be coded communication and/or even message? Or just an grand artistic curiosity? Regardless, certainly it is worth a second look. Where and who can help with possible deciphering and translations of this cosmic harp/egg/head laying code? Does anyone on Earth have a clue? Can any one offer a clue? Please take a look at this first one. There are more for later. I walked through this formation at five different times over a period of several weeks and have more detailed photos. Do you think there is someone who can decipher this "Cosmic Harp/Egg/Head" formation from this 09 summer? If not, can you please help me find someone who can give it a "GO -OGLE"? I know that H. G. Wells would appreciate this greatly, because the fun didn't really start until after the landings -- and then is when the war started. I would like to ask --well better yet and with all due respect, --challenge the great minds, searching eyes and infinite creativity at GOOGLE or elsewhere to take a good, hard and deep look and concentrate, contemplate and attempt to translate what was set out in this 09 "Cosmic Egg/Head formation. This was not a cartoon, but a massive piece of hard work in bent wheat that actually existed for several weeks in the field and was well documented by numerous photos. Friends of mine from Norway were on the hill during the night watching for humans, but all they saw was one flash of light during the early morning hours. Something Landed -- no doubt about it, but what is it saying or singing? Let the Real Games Begin!

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