Go_gle's Missing "O" "Unexplained Phenomenon" UFO Logo (Doodle)

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The Google logo (doodle) for today, Saturday, September 5th, has a weird flying saucer, UFO of some kind. It links to a search result for unexplained phenomenon and no one really knows what it is about. Here is a pictures:


Google tweeted this:

1.12.12 15 1.18.5 20.15 21.19

That translates to "All Your O are belong to us." But what is it about?

Danny received a statement from Google at Search Engine Land saying:

“We consider the second ‘o’ critical to user recognition of our brand and pronunciation of our name. We are actively looking into the mysterious tweet that has appeared on the Google twitter stream and the disappearance of the “o” on the Google homepage. We hope to have an update in the coming weeks.”

Danny kind of thinks this might lead to Google's upcoming birthday. I am not sure. I do like the numerous thoughts on this from the Half Loaded blog. Anyway, you can find out more on this at Techmeme.

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