No 9/11 Logo From Google, But Bing & Remember

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Today is the anniversary of the horrible attacks of the U.S., forever known as September 11th, or 9/11. People will be asking, why doesn't Google have a special logo up (a Doodle) to remember the day. The answer is because Google only has logos up for days that are lighthearted or fun. Today, is a special and very sensitive day for many people.

Other search engines are able to post something that does show some type of remembrance. For example, Microsoft's Bing and IAC's have custom backgrounds for their home pages.

Bing 9/11 Remembrance 9/11 Remembrance

It doesn't mean Google is doing nothing. Google has a blog post named Make History with the National September 11th Memorial & Museum. Google partnered up to create a web site, using Google Maps API, named

Also, let's not forget the way the Google home page looked on the day of 9/11:

google home page on 9-11

For more internet 9/11 resources, check out ResourceShelf.

So why no Google logo? It just isn't the right thing for Google to do today.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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09/11/2009 04:44 pm

Correction: they DID have a 9/11 logo up earlier today (around 5 AM GMT) but took it down about 40 minutes later. I can only guess they got more than a few complaints about it... :-/


09/11/2009 05:00 pm

Was that a joke? That was a horrible pic... a simple American flag photo or something that just says in remembrance of 9/11 would've sufficed.

Barry Schwartz

09/11/2009 05:12 pm

Mike, that is a pretty bad joke.

Jill (Jtronique)

09/11/2009 06:00 pm

If it were up to me I would have asked Milton Glaser (designer of the original "I Love NEW YORK" Logo,) if we could have permission to use his updated version of "I Love New York - More than Ever." for Google's 9/11 Doodle. If you haven't seen his updated logo, view here. Milton, take it away. There are a lot of ways to illustrate rememberence for 9/11 with an emphasis on "Hope for the future." Graphic Designers live for the opportunity to communicate such a message. In this country we have no fair recognition of art, the Irony is that Glaser found his Niche and his audience in NY. -J


09/11/2009 06:26 pm

no offense guys but who really cares what google puts up on any day if you want to remember the tragedy talk to friends and family members don't look for google to be the guiding light of what you should care about.


09/11/2009 06:36 pm

Apparently idiotic nonsensical UFO logos with no meaning are more important than remembering all the Americans who perished on 9/11. Good job Google, you IDIOTS.


09/11/2009 06:49 pm

Those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Google could have done something tasteful to remember 9/11 without being depressing. Regardless of politics. Shame on all decision makers for Google Logo.


09/11/2009 07:23 pm

Don't forget about Easter either. Google did nothing. Bing did (a page with colored eggs). Google is just trying to be politically correct and doesn't want to offend some minority somewhere.

Howard Frampton

09/11/2009 07:25 pm

It's a difference in philosophy. For one, they don't want to "appear controversial", so they take the (coward's) way out by doing nothing at all. A black logo, a ribbon, or similar would be perfectly appropriate. For two, while Google started out an American company, they've been a multi-national for a long time. I'm pretty sure the majority of Googlers are not US citizens. They have a very different perspective of what the date means. Lastly, the Googlers as a whole are pretty good at not letting their political beliefs filter their actions, but not always. I'm sure they'd rather "move on" and perhaps even "forget" the tragedy, especially when highlighting the tragedy appears to be more helpful to one political side than the other. Just my two cents' worth.


09/11/2009 08:56 pm

Disgraceful. Google is a piece of garbage company with an agenda.


09/11/2009 11:10 pm

Do not use Google. Use bing. Capitalism works!


09/11/2009 11:16 pm

I think it's more disgraceful to decide when or how someone should remember a tragic event. I don't want a cartoonish flag or crying eagle on my search engine logo to cue me in. A friend of mine who works for MS/Bing has been crowing about all of the users writing in claiming they'll switch from Google to Bing because of the image on their site. Way to "brand" 9/11...


09/12/2009 07:25 am

So what if Google didn't post anything commemorative. Big deal. If people switch from Google to Bing because of a logo (or lack thereof) that is their right. If google had of changed their logo to something commemorative then then would open a can of worms have to do so for every major historical event whether it be a U.S. historical event or international event. To everyone complaining Google didn't do a damn logo, go pay your respects as individuals in your own way and call it a day. The reality is whether Google chose to post or not post a memorial has zero impact on anything.


09/12/2009 07:47 am

Maybe Google's logo team decided to take the day off to pay tribute in their own special way as individuals rather than waste time posting a silly logo. We don't know. Wasting time posting ridiculous accusations against Google's motives is counter-productive and does nothing to make this day any easier. So critics stop posting ignorant, ridiculous accusations, comments and go do something more useful and perhaps beneficial to the occasion we are recognizing on this 11th day of September 2009.


09/12/2009 02:23 pm

if they only do things that are lighthearted and fun, why were there Michael Jackson shoes when he died of a drug overdose? Sorry, that's not light hearted or fun.


09/12/2009 05:20 pm

Knowing Google's left-wing tilt, I'm suspicious of its participation in anything called "Make History". It should probably be titled "Making-Up History". You'll notice on the site there are photos of candlelit "Pursue Peace" signs but no photos of people leaping out of the 100th story windows.


09/13/2009 06:18 am

This all boils down to respect. Respect for the magnitude of lives which were affected by the events which occurred on 9/11. Maybe there is a point that doodles are supposed to be positive, but like the others have said, they could have at least made mention of this significant date.


09/13/2009 05:14 pm

To those who bring up the doodle for Michael Jackson's birthday and say it is not light-hearted (especially Dianne), the links are not Google sponsored. If many links about Michael Jackson's death appeared in Google's search results, it is much more likely that at that time users/contributors across the internet were interested in Michael Jackson's death. Google has no power over the interests of the people, and I am actually skeptical of claims that the search terms for that day even brought about such distasteful links. (Much appreciation to anyone who can find the search terms for that day.) As for attacks on Michael Jackson’s character, he has left a legacy that is generally appreciated across the globe. Most are faster to think of the iconic Moonwalk and Thriller than child molestation charges. In addition, Michael was not a selfish self-absorbed person (@Shawn), and this is evident in his charity and compassion, both of which are confirmed by thousands who have known him. With respect to Google, I think Howard put it best: “While Google started out an American company, they've been a multi-national for a long time. I'm pretty sure the majority of Googlers are not US citizens. They have a very different perspective of what the date means.” Google wishes to maintain an international, non-controversial face. Google is an international search engine; .com is an internationally used website extension. As such, Google tries to appeal to a wider audience than others. Hopefully, we can respect that.


09/14/2009 06:39 am

WoW F**K most of you i bet half of you did not even loose anyone in 9/11 i did! i appreciate what google has done 9/11 is not a day of remembrance for me it is a day i would like to forget.

Luke Jones

09/14/2009 08:44 am

Google don't _have_ to do anything, even though other people are. September 11 was a horrible, tragic day which I will remember for the rest of my life. But to complain that a company isn't doing a memorial is just ridiculous.


09/14/2009 06:09 pm

very sad that google chose not to "remember" duly noted, google (oh yeah.. remember? "do no evil"??? yeah right...

Tony M

09/15/2009 08:11 pm

Personally, I think Google avoided any reference to 9/11 to be "PC". I feel they were trying to avoid making anyone "uncomfortable". The post about the letters being all in black, with accompanying explaination, should be the LEAST they did. Google dropped the ball!


09/11/2010 06:22 pm

Actually, Google does have a small remembrance to 9/11. They have an America ribbon underneath the search bar which shows the words "September 11, 2001" when you mouse over it. I think that anything more than that would be excessive. This is a small, classy way of showing your remembrance for what happened 9 years ago. Anything more would be excessive.


09/14/2010 12:06 am

So they change their logo for all sorts of other stupid things but not something that's actually important?


11/15/2010 06:55 am

shame on google c'mon! i mean... REALLY!

Atomic Universe

05/19/2011 02:06 pm

How would you feel if you were on the other line of the man whose last seconds of life were recorded in the towers and were reminded of it every time you visited the Google website? It's easy for someone who wasn't affected by the death of a loved one - a child, their mother, father, husband or wife - to look at a memorial of September 11, but to those who became an orphan, a widow or widowers that day, it inflicts a lot of emotional trauma.

Sad Google Dude

09/11/2011 12:24 pm

I think that is really sad Google... Google... You are a better company then that...


09/11/2011 02:42 pm

I qoute 'We try to be sensitive that a doodle is not the most appropriate way to recognize certain events, especially those that are more somber in nature."

Colleen Marie

09/11/2011 07:44 pm

It makes since... kinda


09/11/2011 09:36 pm

@2896840fc88056471ccdba6f2da062f3:disqus  - So it would be too sad for people who lost someone on 9/11 to see something up on Google?  Are you serious?  The day itself invokes a lot of emotional trauma.  Anyone who lost someone that day, has that person always in their thoughts, especially today. First off, I lost my uncle, grandfather, and two college friends on 9/11. I will always remember them and whether or not Google had something up, will not change how I feel.  I can't imagine someone who lost a loved one on 9/11 was all cheerful today and came across or and got upset.  We will never forget today or ever. Every news channel has something on the attacks. Every newspaper and magazine have something up as a reminder and to HONOR those who were lost.  And Google simply did not care to show it's support for those who died in a country that made Google possible. And a small ribbon at the bottom is simply a joke.  Why not have at least an American Flag or just something??? Who cares when it's some unknown person's birthday?  This is a complete joke. "Google wishes to maintain an international, non-controversial face. Google is an international search engine; .com is an internationally used website extension. As such, Google tries to appeal to a wider audience than others. Hopefully, we can respect that." If that is the case, then why not have something up today?  This was the worst attack on the United States. How about they respect what happened and maybe inform the world about what happened here. How would putting something up be controversial? I get it, let's worry about offending other international users who lost NOTHING and leave the Google page as if nothing ever happened 10 years ago. But it's okay, I dont need Google to remind me of what happened. I see the faces of those I lost 10 years ago every day. 


09/11/2011 11:17 pm

Pretty disappointed in Google.  They say they only celebrate light-hearted things, yet I distinctly remember there was no Doodle for St. Patrick's Day this year. As far as not providing a Doodle for 9/11 - I think it was in poor taste not recognize a day that every single American honors.  Love and peace to all...


09/12/2011 05:06 am

A waving flag would have been a neutral but heartfelt way of showing our pride in who we are. We saw A LOT of flags after 9-11.


09/12/2011 08:12 pm

they really shoulda put something up to remember all the innacent people that died on 9/11 SHAME ON GOOGLE


09/15/2011 11:21 am

Google's long lean to the left is pretty obvious now.  My new home page and search engine is


09/26/2011 10:49 am

Hm i think google shall make something for 9/11. It wasn´t a nice or happy day. But it is history. And we all remember what happened. So pls google. 9/11 2012 make a doodle


03/16/2012 04:31 pm

Just to note that Yahoo search is actually run by Google. If your point is to provide Google with less advertising revenue then you are successful. But if your point is to not use Google's search results, for a fear of perceived bias, than you will need to find a different search provider.


09/12/2012 01:50 am

We need to STAND UP for our County. It is getting over ran with all these Mambi Pamby's. A small flag of remembrance would have been nice.

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