Yahoo Search Marketing Changes Pricing Algorithm & Adds Partner Reporting


The Yahoo Search Marketing Blog announced two main changes that went into place yesterday.

(1) The most important change was that a new pricing algorithm is in place. Yahoo said, "we're now expanding the adjustments we make to our click charges based on our assessment of the performance of traffic coming from sources within our distribution network." Yahoo added, "based on our analysis, we expect that most advertisers will see click charges drop or remain unchanged as a result of this change, while a small fraction of advertisers may experience an increase in click charges."

(2) Yahoo added a report to weed out how Yahoo's partners are performing, which gives you the tools to block underperforming partners. The report is named the Ad Delivery Report and it allows you to "view information about the URLs where your ads are being displayed. You can then use this information to help inform your decisions regarding which domains to block using the “Blocked Domains” feature."

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No Name

10/07/2009 09:00 pm

Yahoo's Ad Delivery Report is nice but you can only block 500 domains which is too low. You hit the maximum really fast and it seems to have different networks of fraudulent domains for all types of keyword niches. So it's far from being enough. The block domain feature is only available for YSM US/CAN/IT/ES/DE/FR. It should be possible to block bad domains in ALL YSM markets. YSM scandies market send 99.9% of fake clicks and there are no way to turn bad domains off. Not fair!

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