Would You Allow Google to Manage Your AdWords Account?

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A WebmasterWorld thread asks if anyone has experience with allowing Google to manage their AdWords accounts. There are many stories in the thread, all not too positive about their experience with having Google manage their account.

To take a step back, Google has a whole fleet of staff ready to help you set up and continue to maintain your Google AdWords account. And they do it for free. The issue is, at least according to the stories in the thread, they don't manage the accounts as effectively or as smart as you would yourself or as a professional PPC management company. At least, those are the overwhelming opinions in the thread.

I wanted to ask you, would you allow Google to manage your typical account? Here is a poll:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Stephen Farrelly

09/11/2009 01:23 pm

No way, they have targets (budget) which they have to live up to. So they don't look at conversions but at traffic (clicks)


09/11/2009 04:46 pm

There is no way I would allow my budget and campaigns to be run by google for some reason I cannot c them dedicating what needs to be done to be successful with any campaign my theory is if you take and do yourself you are more apt to wanna do and learn the craft to do it successful....

Bill Hazelton

09/11/2009 06:33 pm

It's called letting the fox guard the hen house. And the fox is an unwieldy, gluttennous, comprehensively selfish pig.

Alan Bleiweiss

09/11/2009 06:42 pm

b4 the economy tanked, we had a whole team aiding us for our biggest client. They were really helpful in many ways, but letting them manage the account (or heaven forbid the team in India they reassigned us to this year [vomit] would be almost as bad as letting the old Overture team manage our accounts.

No Name

09/13/2009 02:33 pm

Of course I would - as long as I wanted 100s of the most generic high-cost keywords set to broad match....what? not everyone selling vintage wines wants to pay $10 for clicks from "recycling old bottles" you say?

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