Google Makes Search Bigger With Larger Search Box

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Google's Mayer announced last night that the search box's size was increased. The box is bigger, the text when you type is bigger and the search suggestions are bigger. Honestly, I am surprised we did not spot Google testing this on the public, but we didn't.

Old Google: Old Google Search Box

New Google: New Google Search Box

There is a lot of discussion around this. Tedster at WebmasterWorld is with me on this and feels Google never really tested it (or else he or I would have seen it or someone reporting that Google is testing this). Some find the new look to be immature and worse off than the previous look.

Robert Charlton has some measurements:

OLD SEARCH BOX - left edge to end of flowers = 43 px - width of search box = 366 px - width of flowers compared to width of box = 11.7%

NEW SEARCH BOX - left edge to end of flowers = 54 px - width of search box = 483 px - width of flowers compared to width of box = 11.2%

Another person asked if this might lead to "more long-tail searches."

Anyway, as I said, most people are not too happy about the change - at least those voicing their opinion. Personally, I barely notice it.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help, DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

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Jon Payne

09/10/2009 02:27 pm

This is great. Total development time = 4 seconds. Total business case analysis time = 50,000 man hours over 3 years.


09/10/2009 08:56 pm

Whew! I though it looked different and I was messing with my + and - keys ... I'm not crazy!


09/10/2009 10:49 pm

Does this mean they need to apply for a new patent?


09/10/2009 11:06 pm

wtf. this is retarded. it's like but worse. and what the hell's up with the generic buttons? I want my svelte apple ones back! FUCK YOU GOOGLE.


09/11/2009 12:32 am

PUT IT BACK! I'm not blind and I'm not stupid.


09/11/2009 07:02 am

Mayer said "Search is our focus" and thus the change! Are Image and Video search not the part of Search? Why aren't the changes not available at the Image and Video SERPS?


09/12/2009 12:02 pm

In regards to Fnarf's "I'm not blind" comment: what else are you going to look at on the otherwise barren page? Bigger text is easier to read and the only thing "wrong" about this change is that it's different than it was before. I haven't seen any comment to the contrary.


09/12/2009 08:25 pm

Unprofessional. Frivolous. Stupid-looking. Vain. Lack of options. No way for user to keep previous parameters. Arrogant. Also, Google IMAGE SEARCH after 10 years still allows only 20 results per screen max. Asinine. Bigger, smaller, blah, blah, blah, the fact that google generally lacks USER CHOICE AND GRANULAR UI OPTIONS should tell you something about the mentality at that company.


09/15/2009 03:33 pm

Forcing more people to use Bing? - If it ain't broke, why try & fix it?

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