Google AdWords VistaPrint Coupon Codes Invalid

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A Google AdWords representative posted a thread at the Google AdWords Help forum. In that thread, Bindu, the Google rep, said that the recent marketing blitz from VistaPrint had the wrong coupon codes on them.

If you received a VistaPrint AdWords offer code, the code was misprinted. Specifically, the code was "accidentally abridged" so the code won't work. To get them to work, you will need to contact AdWords support - according to Bindu. Bindu said:

Recent VistaPrint Coupon Codes seem to be invalid because they were accidentally abridged. If you have received a VistaPrint code and it does not seem to work, you will have to write in to AdWords support and request the correct version of the code.

For more information on how to contact Google AdWords support, click here.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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Jeff Esposito

09/09/2009 06:42 pm

Hello, if you experienced an issue with an AdWords coupon from Vistaprinrt, please email to have this resolved.

Hera Rauch

03/08/2010 08:36 pm

I have resived a Copon from Vistaprint, how can I get to us it?

Hera Rauch

03/08/2010 08:37 pm

I have resived a Copon from Vistaprint, how can I get to us it?

Eric Lindauer

10/22/2012 07:53 pm

I tried to sign up with Google through this promotion. They happily accepted my code, now 3 weeks later I am being billed. I called them up, nobody knows anything about any code, and it's on me. Now I have a huge hassle on my hands, and it's totally unclear whether I'll just end up stuck with the bill. I strongly recommend you don't use this promotion. ps. the campaign sucks on top of it all, they defaulted it to spending over $3 / click, so I have received virtually no traffic for my money to boot!

Daniel Young

09/02/2013 12:40 pm

ha ha ... this happens sometimes... so one should be very careful before using online coupons....

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