.ME Domain Names Can Now Be Geo Targetted In Google Webmaster Tools

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Two threads at Google Webmaster Help report that .ME ccTLDs (domain names) can now be geo targeted in Google Webmaster Tools.

Typically, Google doesn't allow you to geo-target a ccTLD (country specific top level domain). Google assumes that if you register a country specific TLD, you want to rank well in that country. They made an exception for a few ccTLDs including .TV domains a while back, but the .ME domains were not included in that exception.

That has changed as of August 17th. In fact, this blog has a screen shot proving it. But there are other various reports of this actually working. .ME is a natural ccTLD for this exception.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Michael Martinez

08/28/2009 03:44 pm

I think this is great! I never in a million imagined Google would figure out how to target sites for Middle-earth!

No Name

08/28/2009 10:43 pm

.GS should be as well because there are no permanent residents in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.


08/29/2009 09:55 am

DotmMe domains are really getting hot: Hollywood Universal Studios is using DOTME on the new big movie Despicable.me coming out 2010. This is certainly a BIG boost for the .ME domains. Woordpress have also juts started use ME domains allot . WordPress launches WP.me URL shortener


08/29/2009 10:12 am

The Google links you posted dont have any info about the .ME geo target changing. I did post this link however on another board so it would be fair to include it. http://www.namemon.com/news/43-search-engines/64-google-permits-geo-target-of-me-domains


08/29/2009 09:49 pm

Sorry posted the wrong link. This is the thread in webmaster tools where much of the discussion started: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Webmasters/thread?tid=68b276634193b9bf&fid=68b276634193b9bf00045dc2e2893053&hl=en

No Name

01/08/2010 06:09 am

I personally hope that their value remains low so that normal people like myself can get some very brandable and recognizable names for cheap and make fun websites like you could at the dawn of the internet. Everyday peeps! register .me domains and make fun websites before domainers start making it harder by sitting on them! Their are tons of great ones left!

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