Bing Search Results In Google

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Google seems to be indexing Bing search results. Take a look at this query and you will see some of the Google search results leading to Bing search results.

Bing Results in Google

So I decided to check to see if Yahoo, or even Bing themselves were doing the same. It seems like is also doing this, but Yahoo and Bing are not indexing Bing results.

Google doesn't like to see search results in search results so this is not common to see in Google.

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Jill Whalen

08/21/2009 12:57 pm

Strange cuz their robots.txt is blocking those: Disallow: /search?


08/21/2009 01:09 pm

Think the link is broken at the end Barry. Cheers

David Zimmerman

08/21/2009 01:12 pm

Could it be that these sites have bing links on them, and google is indexing those links? Notice Google only has 450+ search queries indexed- its not like they are indexing the entire bing search results about robots.txt- that doesn't forbid or prevent google from indexing, it just is a strong suggestion, from what I understand

Barry Schwartz

08/21/2009 01:15 pm

Yea, it is possible that people are linking to those results and Google is picking that up. Fixed the link Collin.


08/21/2009 01:16 pm

Disallow: /search? in robots.txt doesn't disallow /search%3F - so Google may crawl those SERPs, although they shouldn't index them by their own policy.

Jonathan Alderson

08/21/2009 01:30 pm

I notice that Google avoid this by prefixing their search results with a # symbol. Cunning.

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