Many, Many Google Users Get "We're Sorry" Page

Aug 10, 2009 • 9:02 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Over the weekend, I saw dozens of threads and posts in the Google Web Search help forum with complaints that these users have been getting "We're Sorry" pages from Google. Here is an example of what that page may look like:

Google "We're Sorry" Error Message

The last time there was a wide spread issue with this was in February of this year. But this time, it is also impacting iGoogle, Blogger and not just Google search results pages. Here is a listing of some, not all, of the threads complaining about the issue:

The largest single thread on this has several posts, but there are many small posts on this topic. I believe the issue is now resolved, even though I did not see a response from Google on the issue.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search.

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Jaan Kanellis

08/11/2009 01:13 am

I love when things like this happen automatically and then Google fails to talk about it.

Jessica Griffin

08/11/2009 11:51 am

Is this connected in some way to Twitter being hacked a couple of days back? Maybe everyone's running scared because of it.


08/23/2009 04:24 am

yeh I think its been happening alot lately they cant take chances because someone has hacked them just like bot viruses

Virus Removal

06/04/2012 01:06 pm

Can anyone tell me, how to overcome this issue ?

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