Google Blocking Word "Google" In WebmasterWorld's Sitelinks?

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A WebmasterWorld thread pointed out a very interesting observation in Google. A search for WebmasterWorld in Google shows Sitelinks for the site. But one of those Sitelinks seem to be cut off, the one with the "Google" in front of it.

WebmasterWorld's Google Sitelinks

The "Search News" Sitelink, is actually the "Google Search News" forum at WebmasterWorld. Why is Google shortening the link, and removing "Google" from it, when this forum is specifically about Google related search news, not search news in general.

It is a space issue or is it more related to the name "Google" being displayed in Sitelinks? I think it is more about shortening. If you look at the Sitelinks for a search on search engine roundtable forums or search engine watch forums, you will clearly see "Google" used in the Sitelinks. So I doubt there should be any conspiracy theory here.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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08/28/2009 09:04 pm

I think it may be more about the content to do with google itself, possibly talking about search/SEO ways and means related to google might lead them to make that particular content less visible to everyone or less likely to be viewed through search results.


11/26/2009 06:10 pm

How is it that WMW threads are indexed within minutes of posting? They don't like it talked about that's for sure.

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